Welcome to my Blog

I care about what the Main Stream Media News reports and doesn’t report. So, I fill in my subscribers as to what is actually happening, after sifting through reports. Trying to bring forth the news they don’t report to us, this is important to me as it should be to anyone. I’ll always leave a source within the blog to relate to the news I am reporting, or talking about. I will also give my opinion in my blogs. I look forward to your comments, whether good or bad, let’s have a discussion!

19 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

    1. welcome Trumpster, blogging to me is just fun and a way to put into words, for me at least, how I feel. Just dive in and have a go at it, best advise I can give you. Some say you need a niche for your blog, but to me that is just to narrow, I talk about a lot of things that interest me.


  1. Wish you the best on this blog… I have an anonymous blog, I started several years ago.. It took a year, but now it is starting to roll…. It was established in a really big HO association because of shenanigans the board and others were pulling. It is serving it’s purpose well now…. People hate to be exposed….

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  2. After reading two of your blogs (Morgan Freeman; No He Didn’t Just Say That! & The North American Union and Changing of the USA), I am impressed by your astute understanding and presentation of the issues. Don’t quit.

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  3. I, too have just started a blog. My wife convinced me to put out my thoughts on one and see how I would do. Have 2 posts so far, so I have at least started. Love all the comments here and the encouragement that each of you has for the others. I hope I can feed off that feeling of camaraderie and develop a little talent myself.
    My focus is usually politics from the conservative side(Trump supporter), but I will also focus on other event going on in our world. That’s what my passion is and hope some people enjoy the ride.

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  4. This is the first blog I have ever responded to. I guess the secret is reaching an audience with multiple interests. Good luck with this project, I will be following just to see different points of view, and responding with a side of humor.

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  5. Hi Jody, I see ur going gr8 on ur blog. But i dont see any hogs or pigs.. U cant have a blog without a hog or at least a pig.. I am a retired hog farmer and i love raising hogs. I might have to start back raising hogs for the Muslim war we are having.. Im always protecting women from Muslim rapist. But i see ur doing good with ur blogging. Ill go check out ur twitter page. And thanks for following me. Have a gr8 sexy day..

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  6. Hi Jody, Great Blog, very clean and simple. I have lots of things to say, but as a Captain in the marine Corps. I have a million stories and many photo’s if you want to share. I also droped you that line about “montana’

    Be safe and have fun Jody,


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