Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

January 31, 2018

Becoming aware on Twitter that besides Q Anonymous, and many other intelligence sources to follow, the newest one for me is Brenden Dilley. He is also on Twitter and you can follow him @Hublife where he also gives Intel over Periscope.

Why do we rely on these anonymous intelligence sources? The MSM will not give us the true facts. Their facts are whitewashed and politically left leaning to say the least. MSM has to protect those that most likely pay them off to report only what they want reported. We are waiting for some signs that the corrupted politicians are or will be taken down, the Intel gives us hope, then we see it actually happening.

From what I have read on Twitter Tilley’s Intel source seems to be incredibly on point and accurate. He has been receiving Intel from his source since November 1, 2017. He must of sat on the intelligence for awhile in order to make sure it was accurate.

People have dropped “quotes,” such as one from Rep Eliza Turing:

His sources’s information seems to align closely with Q Anonymous on 8Chan.

The most recent Intel that Tilley’s source has informed him about has to do with who actually won the popular vote in the Presidential race of 2016.

We were all told by the MSM that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote. Well, it seems that the information we received from MSM was a bit biased because the NSA went through the data.

The Intel source informed Tilley that Trump received 70,125,263 and Clinton received 57,177,958. That’s not all the NSA found, she received 7 million from machine fraud!

There is a thread on pastebin that you can follow HERE. A synopsis of postings from Tilley’s Periscope videos from now on will be posted to this thread in case you aren’t on Twitter or you can’t keep up with his videos. You need to be on Twitter to use Periscope.

Besides helping to get the truth out to all patriots, he has been a very busy man since he is preparing to run for Congress in 2018 for the state of Arizona.

If you are a big President Trump fan who lives in Arizona and likes how our POTUS is turning the country back around, you just might like to check out Tilley’s campaign page at You can follow Dilley on YouTube HERE.

With that said, I am not campaigning for Tilley, just making you aware he is running. There are many great people running for the state of Arizona, you have to do your own research to find out which candidate best fits your needs.

He and others like him will help the Trump Administration take our country back from the oligarchs and others who truly do not have the people’s or country’s interests at heart.

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

Brenden Dilley AZ8 Candidate Forum 2/10/2018

What Happened In Hawaii

January 15, 2018

As we have all read or heard by now, there was an emergency sent to cell phones in Hawaii on Saturday, January 13, directing them to take shelter as there was a ballistic missile incoming towards Hawaii.

This emergency was followed up some 38 minutes later by a text calling it a false alarm.

Above photo screenshot comes from Stanford Magazine article.

The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige promised it would never happen again in a message he sent on Saturday, just hours after the false alarm was declared. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) reports:

“I know firsthand that what happened today is totally unacceptable, and many in our community were deeply affected by this,” Gov. David Ige said, at a news conference Saturday afternoon at the Hawaii Emergency Management agency. “I’m sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced. I, too, am very angry and disappointed that this happened.”

Hawaii Emergency Management put out a tweet regarding the missile launch, minutes later it was deleted. Here is the screenshot of the tweet. Now, why didn’t they call it a false missile launch? The screenshot comes from Linda Kirby.

Of course that didn’t stop the liberal/Democrats and MSM from blaming it on our POTUS. We knew that was coming!

The President has since remained silent, not tweeting about the fake missile crisis. It’s not like the President to remain silent unless he knows something that he can’t talk about.

For those of you who are following “QAnon” who posts on 8Chan, he/she posted on 1/7/2018 a message about DEFCON 1. For those that do not know what DEFCON is I will link at the bottom of this article where you can read what it is and what it does.

Some people that saw this message from “Q” where DEFCON 1 was mentioned mistook what Q’s meaning was, he clarified this intelligence with a reply message.

Most of us are not use to codes or military cryptologic linguist codes. Therefore translating some intelligence received is very difficult. So, I could see why some were freaking out.

How easy is it for the emergency system in Hawaii to send out such a false missile alert? In my opinion, there are most likely steps that are taken after a missile has been detected/or seen by satellites, military personnel that are watching gathering intelligence, there could never be a false alarm! Seriously, think about it. I am not buying the “wrong button pushed” reason for what happened in Hawaii.

There are protocols that are issued when there is a nuclear missile/non nuclear threat. You can check out these protocols HERE. Important to note once a missile is launched from ground or sea there is no recalling it back.

Recent intelligence sources are standing by their knowledge that there was a real threat. Keep in mind that the Deep State is worldwide.

When sending any information to the public regarding a nuclear threat going out over the Emergency Broadcast System or what is known today as the Emergency Alert System, the first protocol which is over any other transmission has to come directly from the President, especially if it relates to a missile warning.

What I am about to disclose will show you the protocols and cannot be mistaken as a test.

There are different announcements that can be sent, those have to be chosen.

There has to be an EAS DECODER and ENCODER to transmit anything over emergency broadcast. en.m.wikipedia states: Decoders at relay stations would sound an alarm, alerting station personnel to the incoming message. Then, each relay station would broadcast the alert tone and rebroadcast the emergency message from the primary station.

There is no way you can press a wrong button! This protocol is no different for States issuing an emergency transmission, the Governor or his designated representative would make the call, such as weather related, but not in a nuclear situation, that would only come from the President of the United States. I am sure whether emergency transmissions go out over the cable, text messages or whatever, it is all the same protocol. You can read more about the Emergency Alert System in this handbook, linked here. I know the handbook is dated 2007, I am sure it hasn’t changed drastically since the time of publication. states FEMA is responsible for national-level EAS tests and exercises. Something as serious as a nuclear threat cannot be confused with a test, as stated above.

This next information comes from

Most testing of EAS broadcasting is done with “test codes,” rather than “live codes.” So, a code must be entered to activate the test.

When testing the EAS some states use “live codes” for National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts. I didn’t see anything in the FCC information to indicate that a “live code” is used for testing in anything to do with incoming missile launches.

A live code could accidentally transmit an emergency broadcast by accident. But, states must receive a rule waiver in order to show that they have taken the necessary steps to prevent public misinformation and panicked masses when using a live code.

On a national level EAS “live test,” which I am assuming would be some type of event where the President would need to get an urgent message out to the public nationally…the FCC believes that this type of code is needed. Below screenshot comes from

So, in summery messages that are sent whether by text, cable, radio….must be authenticated first. I cannot believe that during the testing of the EAS where it was claimed someone mistakenly presses the wrong button, that this is a viable reason used for the message that went out in Hawaii.

Even if the message was was written by the Emergency Management in Hawaii , it still must be authenticated before it is sent out. These are the protocols that are suppose to be followed so mistakes don’t happen.

You can read more about CAP and IPAWS Architecture here in this link.


Benjamin Fulford reports  that an anomaly (nuclear stealth submarine) was detected off the coast of Hawaii. He has been briefed that the false alarm was a cover story for the real threat. Further explaining that the cabal already had a preemptive story ready to explain what happened if the mission failed. It was believed that the submarine was located and destroyed after the attempted attack.

Dave Janda talks with Greg Hunter explaining the false nuclear message sent out in Hawaii. Dr Janda from his sources was told that there are some huge problems in China right now with different factions pro Trump and others who are not, just like here. He was told that the US shot the missile down. The Submarine was a Chinese Navy sub (renegade faction). He further explains that most of the intel he receives comes to fruition in weeks or months after being told. Early truth indicator would be a January 18, 2018 a big financial event is to occur, buying oil with Chinese currency (petro yuan exchange), gold could buy oil. If the petro yuan contract is delayed, we will know for a fact there is this Chinese faction problem going on within the country.

With that said, many people on Twitter are saying Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Huma Abedine were in Hawaii at the time of the supposed false alarm. Ask yourselves, if the Deep State within our country had something to do with a missile launch, would they target their own? Maybe, but I would say most likely not. Maybe Hillary and Bill weren’t even in Hawaii since the only ones reporting that they were was supposed incidental run ins to the Clinton’s. Did the MSM report them there? NO Seems strange don’t you think? Anyway, my intuition is telling me they weren’t there.

I believe that since NBC News was in the bunker just hours before the so called false missile alert, they certainly would have carried a story about Hillary and Bill Clinton being in Hawaii. The MSM always reports on where the Clinton’s have been, especially after her election loss.

The last actual news footage of Hillary Clinton was during her final closing of her book tour in Seattle. If you check your MSM news, where is Barack Obama? Where are Bill and Hillary Clinton? Where is George Soros? Why have they dropped out of the limelight?


Another very good article to read would be an article written by Dr Michael Salla, in, “The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii.” In trying to figure out exactly what happened in Hawaii it doesn’t hurt anyone to read and draw their own conclusions.

In Salla’s article he references a time in Hawaii’s history (1987) where an Hawaiian Senator states that there is a shadow government within the US that has its own military assets, “free from checks and balances, and free from laws itself.” Now that right there is scary! I recommend you read his article.

Another theory which is mine, there is incredible technology out there with 7D Holograms. These holograms are so life like in image, scale that it would be hard not to think it was not the real deal. Could this technology potentially be used to create nuclear panic? Well, just check out these videos on 7D Hologram Technology show in Dubai: VIDEO LINK HERE, YOU WILL BE AMAZED

Keep in mind that Hawaiian tourists claim to have seen something blow up in the sky.

It would seem highly unlikely to me that we would have a false alarm in Hawaii, followed by a false alarm in Japan.


What is DEFCON?

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

January 10, 2017

With the great progress our nation is making in as little as a year, we still have the haters of our President. Why would so many still be crying foul over these great accomplishments? It’s very simple, the leftist liberals could not make the final change to a totalitarian New World Order, similar to what occurred in Russia and China that many years ago.

Recently a psychiatrist who teaches at Yale who goes by the name of Bandy Lee has made her platform known by questioning our President’s mental health. This isn’t the first time in history where psychiatry was used as a political weapon. Psychiatry Today reports that a study by Jonathan Davidson which looked at our first 37 Presidents and at the conclusion of this study it was surmised that 24% of our earlier Presidents met the clinical diagnosis for depression or anxiety disorders, these included Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S Grant, Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson. Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt showed signs of bi-polar disorder, according to this study. Also, we must note that the aforementioned Presidents were among our greatest Presidents in history.

What is considered normal or abnormal in psychiatry? First we need to establish that the psychiatric field is not a science, therefore they are not considered a medical field.There are no rules that are essentially written in stone, the board makes up their clinical diagnoses, as they literally vote on what they believe to be normal or not. Sometimes these fabrications are literally bordering on the criminal.

Most people do not realize that many of the mind control experiments (MKUltra) were applied at upscale universities like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, John Hopkins and Stanford after World War 11. There was a mad dash for German physicians, scientists after the war. Who would get them first? Russia or the USA? This is where it gets interesting! If an unfriendly faction within the United States government could somehow mold the mind of a soon to be, fully groomed Manchurian Candidate for President, their dreams of a fully controlled government would come to fruition. This wasn’t just a made up movie, this was a reality being exercised on unsuspecting individuals by our own Central Intelligence Agency.

Knowing the devious side of psychiatry, it only fits the mold in questioning a Presidents mental health when it is so obvious that the psychiatrist in question is definitely using it for political purposes. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere to stop the use of psychiatry as a political weapon.

In the below video, G Edward Griffin describes in detail how the field of psychiatry can be used as a political weapon.

Mr. Griffin mentions MICA Reports which were to be used as a strategic report to basically round up people who don’t believe in globalization, open borders, One World Government, New World Order, anything that does not meet the governments criteria for their norm. People are labeled as anarchists, racists, terrorists…as he says, this is not freedom if you let them get away with this behavior.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, CCHR Co-Founder explains what the field of psychiatry has become in the last 60 years in this next video. He makes a very good argument.


By Senator Dianne Feinstein releasing the Fusion GPS interview papers to the public, she may have committed a crime. At first she said she was pressured to release the transcript, then she walked back her original statement.

You can add up all the problems that the Deep State is creating, not a day goes by where they just can’t let the President govern, he has to deal with this nonsense.

Senator Dianne Feinstein took it upon herself to release a transcript of an interview with Fusion GPS Co-Founder, Glenn Simpson. Never mind that the former MI16 spy, Christopher Steele was to be dragged into a criminal investigation because of “providing false statements” about his sharing of information from the Dossier with media outlets. There is a Top Secret memo that relates to Steele having communications with several media outlets.

It has recently been reported by, Washington; Senator Feinstein released the Fusion GPS transcripts because the Fusion GPS lawyers asked her to. Remember, she never consulted with the Senate Judiciary Committee before releasing these transcripts.

Feinstein statement: “We were written to by the lawyers of the company asking that it be released, and the reason, of course, is because it has been used by rumor and innuendo and falsity so much that the time came for people to see exactly what was said,” Feinstein said.

Not only has the Fusion GPS document been debunked, it seems to me that it actually has no foundation on which to build a case. If there were witnesses to testify to this document, to late now, they already have rehearsed what to say. I believe this so called evidence should now, since it has been compromised, be thrown out in its entirety!

Chris Farrell who is Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch brings up an interesting thought in his VIDEO, where he refers to the supposed death that occurred as a result of this Fusion GPS document. When Simpson is questioned about checking sources for this document, Simpson refuses to answer this line of questioning. Why would he refuse? But, his attorney Mr. Levy interjects that someone has died? Without any evidence that anyone died! In other words…just accept what this honest piece of work (Fusion GPS) is telling us! Something is very wrong with this! As I have said before, there is no foundation for this document and it should not be accepted as any type of evidence.

INTERVIEW OF GLEN SIMPSON, Tuesday August 22, 2017, Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: President Trump had a complete medical exam, as reported by Reuters. The exam took three hours, and was performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. White House doctor Ronny Jackson said went “exceptionally well.” As far as his cognitive test score, New York Times reports what Dr. Ronny L Jackson says about President Trump’s cognitive health: “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes,”

Asylum, UK, Were They Carrying Their Fair Share?

December 23, 2017

The following information comes directly from The Guardian. Copied from a video in relation to the lodging, payments, education and medical care the asylum seeker receives from the UK.

First of all, they get a place to live in, a hostel or a B&B. They do not get to choose where they live, and it’s very unlikely to be in London. Accommodations are all provided by private firms such as SERCO and G4S. Sometimes it is in extremely poor condition with reports of rats, bedbugs and dirty conditions.

The asylum seeker will receive £36.95 per week in the UK. Pregnant mothers will receive £3.00 extra per week. In France an asylum seeker will receive £65.59 per week. That’s almost double the amount in France.

Asylum seekers in the UK are entitled to free basic healthcare on the NHS.

Children aged 5-17 receive free compulsory education.

Asylum seekers in the UK are not permitted to work or claim unemployment benefits.

The Home Office tries to decide on asylum claims in six months, but cases can take years to be resolved.

Some people who are rejected for asylum are put in detention centers.

38,517 people applied for asylum in the UK in 2016. That’s 3% of Europe’s total asylum claims.

In the UK, the highest number of claims were from citizens of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, despite the high profile coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2016. Only 1,588 Syrian Nationals applied for asylum in the UK.

According to Pew Research , the USA took in a total of 38,901 Muslim refugees in 2016. This figure is almost half of the total number of refugees that were taken in 2016, making a grand total of 85,000 asylum seekers.

Seems to me the USA has taken in enough to last us quite awhile.

Our POTUS Is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Our POTUS Is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

December 22, 2017

Our most brilliant and wonderful President not only loves his country, he loves the world too. Why do I say this? Well, he’s taking down enemies worldwide with his new executive order dated December 21, 2017. It’s called Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

This order says he will be freezing assets/taking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption around the world. This also means anyone associated with these persons or doing business with these persons, will also have their assets frozen and property taken. This is very serious folks, and he means it! This is a very compassionate President when it comes to human rights abuses.

The US Department of Treasury released a press announcement on December 21, 2017 which lists people that will be sanctioned. They will be working to put forth the property seizures, and freezing of bank accounts and the like. If we want to stop this corruption and abuse, what better way to take them down then by taking their money and property. One of these people to be sanctioned is Gulnara Karimova, seems from the picture below she is very good friends with Bill Clinton. Imagine my surprise, no just kidding, not surprised one bit. Follow the 💵💰

Many of you watched the movie “Blood Diamonds,” for those of you that did, you are already seeing where I am going with this. On the list is a man named Dan Gertler . He is an Israeli diamond tycoon as well as oil mining tycoon. His diamond mines were mainly in the Virgin Islands and Africa. He was involved in shady business dealings as well as treating the Africans who mined the diamonds horribly. Sometimes kidnapping these Africans to work in his mines as slaves.

These diamonds were mined in war torn areas of Africa (Sierra Leone), this is where they also get the name “conflict diamonds.” CNN reports that The United Nations defines conflict diamonds as “…diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.”

Folks, our President Trump is stepping up to stop this abuse, the very first President who actually cares to stop human atrocities. The UN knew about this, why did they not stop it. The UN General Assembly came to a resolution which was adopted on December 4, 2006, clearly showing that the blood/conflict diamonds existed and they knew the money was used for corrupted purposes. But, it took this long to actually hold people accountable. That’s disgraceful!

The accountability for these Blood Diamonds, I am sure will also effect jewelry stores that sold any jewelry that they knew were Blood Diamonds.

On the list there is also a doctor from Pakistan named Mukhtar Hamid Shah who was a surgeon specializing in kidney transplants. The Pakistani police believe he was involved in kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and the removal of and trafficking in human organs. I am so glad they finally are going to stick it to this man.

Also, it should be noted that our President campaigned to bring jobs back to our country. He has continuously been on the CEO’s cases about this and wasn’t about to let up on his promise to Americans. Well, we can now be advised that many CEO’s have resigned. Here’s the list so far:

Now, whether some of these CEO’s resigned due to corruption, I don’t know. Maybe some are! All I know, he’s draining the swamp, and we can rest assured he will be watching. Rule of law is very important to him and this country.


Featured Image:

The “Blood Diamond” magnate who is at the center of Och-Ziff’s bribery scandal in Africa

What We Actually Got With Repeal Of Net Neutrality

December 14, 2017

Today a repeal to Net Neutrality, specifically Title II of the Net Neutrality protections were voted on by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to CNN, The repeal passed 3-2, along a party-line vote.

Many Americans were against the repealing of Net Neutrality on the basis that it would have negative effects thereby throttling, blocking content and they didn’t want paid prioritization. One among those who opposed the repeal was Congressman Mike Coffman who represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, he is now drafting a bill to stop the repeal, asking for this to be further debated in Congress.

The FCC never responded to the Congressman’s letter he sent as well as multiple calls from Congressmen for a delay. He doesn’t feel that the repeal should have been decided by unelected bureaucrats in Washington. I agree

There are several internet designers who actually designed and built the internet, they didn’t want the repeal either. Who better knows the internet than the guys that built it, right? I would trust their opinion over anyone else’s.

The pioneers of the internet all came together and sent the FCC a letter explaining to them that they basically did not understand how the internet worked.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is urging an appeal of the 2015 case regarding an Obama-era FCC decision which reclassified broadband Internet as a public utility so that it could impose its restrictive net neutrality rules (United States Telecom Association, et al. v. Federal Communications Commission and United States of America (No. 15-1063)). They have filed a Brief of Amici Curiae arguing Net Neutrality undermines the constitutional separation of powers by allowing the FCC to directly intervene in the broadband Internet economy.”

As reported by Gizmodo, early on in December the Commissioner of the FCC reported that her own agency was withholding evidence of fraud. Apparently there were literally thousands upon thousands of fake comments that were used to sway the vote. Comments from the public are suppose to be used under the Administrative Procedures Act whenever issuing a Notice of Proposed Rule Making.

Hopefully Congressmen Coffman’s bill as well as one filed by Senator Markey (D), Massachusetts will help to reverse this vote that was cast to repeal Net Neutrality.

If you care to help reverse the process and have Congress step in to save Net Neutrality you can go to and sign the petition.

Attacks on POTUS Coming Full Throttle – Accusations on Sexual Misconduct

December 12, 2017

If the Dems and Liberals couldn’t remove the President through Russian Collusion then why not fall back on sexual harassment? That is their plan, but it won’t work.

During the campaign many women came forward with high regards for Donald Trump including employees that he had hired. One such person, Kellyanne Conway had nothing but good statements to say about him. Ask yourself why no one that ever worked for him ever came out with sexual allegations of any sort against Trump? Because there were none!

They tried the sexual harassment bunk when he was a candidate for President. All of the sexual allegations were debunked. I guess the war against Trump was in retaliation for bringing up Hillary Clinton’s husbands known escapades and the rape he committed against Juanita Broaddrick. Who wants a candidate running for President who didn’t stick up for the women who were hurt by Bill Clinton.

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton from Juanita Broaddrick

Tom Heneghan who gets reports directly from the American/European Intelligence Agencies has recently mentioned in a YouTube with Stew Webb that Newt Gingrich had the evidence at the time of Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. This evidence proved the rape of Juanita Broaddrick. None of the evidence was ever brought forth.

So, it’s actually a war against the roses because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 election. Every one of those sexual harassment accusers against Trump’s can be traced right back to Clinton or George Soros. The following picture is of Julie Kleszczewski and Hillary Clinton. Important to note; as reported by Gateway Pundit, Jessica Leeds worked on the Clinton Foundation Board along with Julie who was a Clinton volunteer.

During the Megan Kelly news conference on Monday, hosted by C-Span – Brave New Films, three women (Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks) came onto the show to ask for a full congressional investigation in sexual misconduct by our President. What most people do not know is that Brave New Films has all liberal donors, including George Soros’s Open Society. What are they really up to?

There were many more liberal donors that I did not show you, but you can check them out and give credit to BPEarthWatch’s . He mentions in his video that the resignation of Al Franken was only to make it more acceptable to go after the President. In other words Al Franken was expendable for their fascist, New World Order, open border cause in America. That’s really what this is all about. I think of it this way, if you step down because of allegations, you must be guilty, or otherwise you would fight the accusations. Just like our President says it is nothing but fake news.

The liberal left want to make these accusations against our President credible like they tried to do in Roy Moore’s case. Forget any proof, that doesn’t seem to matter to them. They have an agenda and will stop at nothing to take down the current administration, placing their own candidate in the Oval Office to continue their New World Order politics.

Back in 2011 we were warned about Brave New Films Using Online Videos for Agitation and Propaganda, this was reported to us by Capital Research Center. “A group called Brave New Films is a media pioneer in the production of short online political videos. Unwaveringly left-wing, it’s not waiting to be hired by political candidates and their consultants. Instead, it promotes nonstop the political causes it believes in.”

Alex Jones, Infowars has an audio clip from the Glen Beck Program where former Fox host Bill O’Reilly announces he has an audio recording that catches a Democrat bribing a woman for $200,000 to lie about the President. of clip here

You can also read the Infowars transcript about the Bill O’Reilly tape here. It’s a very telling article of exactly what the liberal/Dems are up to….

If you remember during the election campaign of 2016, Wikileaks posted an email which detailed info that was to be placed on Craig’s List as a job announcement for Donald Trump, which seemingly sounds exactly what the one accuser happened to accuse him of:

I don’t know if the DNC actually went through with this scheme that they were planning. But, it could have been disastrous for the Trump campaign.

We will get through this, he will be found not guilty if there is a congressional evaluation. Why do I say this? When our President says something to us on Twitter, you can take it to the bank, he’s telling us the true news. I believe him

I will update as needed

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

November 30, 2017

I usually don’t report on events I cannot vet, but this for some reason has me worried and I think we might want to be aware that this information could be true. Don’t expect to hear it in the MSM, we know that will never happen. Just be aware of things around you, report anything you see that seems strange.

A certain gentleman reports that he has remote viewing capabilities. We know these types of people have on occasion been used by our US military. So, I cannot completely discount what this gentlemen is trying to relay to the public.

The operation he is talking about he refers to as “Operation Christmas.” What day it will take place, we assume Christmas Day.

He has contacted the military about what he saw during this remote viewing. I would assume that our military are checking this out.

His viewing starts out with a type of “Blue Beam” that people will assume North Korea is firing missiles at the USA heading to the west coast. FYI, Blue Beam is suppose to be types of holograms that are supposedly used by our own CIA, NASA. His specifics are Los Angeles (2 areas) and San Francisco (1area). In all actuality it won’t be North Korea firing any missiles at all….in his remote viewing he sees three black duffle bags hidden in the Los Angeles aquatics and in San Francisco fault lines. They will be set to go off with a nuclear blast. If this is true, this definitely would start a war if that is what the Deep State is/was planning.

He has alerted the military about this which seems like they are taking it seriously since he says there are many outside his home protecting him today. He was told by the military to get this out to the people. This kind of bothers me since I know under normal circumstances they wouldn’t want the public to know anything about this. They would just handle the situation, unless they are trying to flush out the people who are trying to carry this out. Maybe waiting for them to remove or relocate the bombs.

Anyway, since I know remote viewing is real, maybe this should be made public to stop it from happening. I still am wrestling with whether or not I should report on this, but something is telling me that I should.

You can listen, linked to the VIDEO HERE


I don’t know much about Max Steel, but I did find a VIDEO made in 2014 where he is being interviewed on Steven D Kelly’s Revolution radio. The following was in the description box of the video:

As with everything that is put on YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, you will have to draw your own conclusions. Many people do not believe in extraterrestrial beings and that is definitely understandable. This information is for your own discernment.

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

November 27, 2017


All we heard after Donald Trump became President is Russia, Russia, Russia, they meddled in our election…some did meddle, but it’s not what you are thinking, read on…

Turns out some did help by meddling after all, along with help from the U.S. digital service which was unofficially linked to 18F, another digital initiative “helping” the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This system was allowed to be set up in our White House by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The election rigging was helped along the way through Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Google’s people. The U.S. Digital Service was run out of the White House by on-loan Google manager Mikey Dickerson.

Now we know since indictments were handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign or having been helped along by the Russians to ensure a win for Trump.

So, what happened that moment we were all glued to our televisions, holding our breaths for what seemed like hours….looking like Hillary was going to win…then everything stopped. No one could figure out what was the hold up. Well, our White Hats stepped in and stopped the rigged election for Hillary Clinton through a firewall shell.

During the primaries Project Veritas uncovered some very good footage of clear and blatant rigging. Bernie Sanders himself knew that their was some type of rigging going on, he complained about it.

What happened during election night? We had suspected that the election might be rigged months before based on what we were seeing in the primaries with Bernie Sanders. We figured out something wasn’t right, but it has never been made public until today. So much information has been gleaned from American Intelligence Media that it’s impossible to say it wasn’t rigged. Wow, are they ever going to need a bigger federal prison to hold all of these treasonous criminals. Maybe some of those sealed indictments have really big fish to fry!

Back in 2008 Alphabets Eric Schmidt wanted to be Obama’s Tech Chief , did that mean he would do anything to get Obama elected? Changing algorithms? Could be

Back in 2010 Hillary took the Eric Schmidt Plan which was brought to light later by Wikileaks emails. This plan was used in the 2008 election, but this time they would advance it, where he would take the DNC servers and the (NGP) VAN program and create an individualized program for every single voter, it didn’t matter if they were a Republican or Democrat. That’s messing with the algorithms!


aim4truth reports, Hillary’s internal email server revealed that Russians at Facebook and the State Department began working on a “template for winning elections” which was evidently being used to ensure Hillary’s victory.

Read a lot more here>

After you finish reading what the American Intelligence Media has to say you most likely will be flabbergasted, as I was. I never thought for a moment that Obama could stoop so low as to have Facebook be the man right smack dab in the middle of our elections! It’s not just this last election…..Bush should of never been President either, that was rigged and it doesn’t stop there, Obama’s election was rigged! What makes me sick is the knowing of all this and remembering Hillary was behind the recount, knowing full well she didn’t win honestly.

I did read intelligence reports sometime back about the White Hats stopping the rigging. This is the first time learning exactly how it was done.

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

November 26, 2017

Q Anonymous who seems to be on ( now) refers to the Wizards and Warlocks several times in his/hers postings on 4chan. That had me wondering exactly who they were?

We know that the CIA was founded after World War II. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the wartime predecessor to the CIA. We know that the Roman Catholic Church has always had an influence on the United States government policy.

When the end came to World War II, did it ever actually end? Well, the actual physical warring may have ended, but the takeover of other countries never did. So, the answer is NO, the Nazis’s lived on in other countries that they absconded to, with the help of the USA and its intelligence services.

Where does Charlie Sheen fit into all of this?

During a radio interview between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, Sheen claimed “Guys, it’s right there in the thing, duh! We work for the Pope, we murder people. We’re Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be? What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes.”

Most people thought that Charlie was crazy when he did that interview, nope he was telling it like it is….they are the WARLOCKS!

This brings us to what is Opus Dei? Is Charlie Sheen a member? He could be since we know his father Martin was a devout Roman Catholic.

Opus Dei’s members are secretive, they are not made up of priests, bishops and the like. They serve the Pope in anyway the Pope directs them. Their purpose is to take over the USA.

Robert Hanssen the spy who was caught spying for Russia was an Opus Dei member. Many infiltrators of Washington’s political power including the White House were members of Opus Dei, ongoing since the Reagan Administration.

Dr. Stephen Mumford says “The CIA serves as an agency through which secret “assistance” to the Holy Mother [Roman Catholic] Church can be provided by secret American society members acting as her defenders…”Just remember that the Pope wants a New World Order, one religion!

At one time we did have a Catholic President who made it clear in his speech that he would not serve the Catholic Church in any of his decision making processes. President Kennedy’s speech is here>

The Wizards are the scientific intelligence in the CIA!

I know this all sounds crazy, but just remember Orwell once said “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”

Many people say that they are so glad Hillary Clinton was not elected as President. She would have been nothing but an extension to Obama! The Obama Administration performed many nefarious activities behind the scenes, from gun running to the enemy, to paying a $400 million, so called ransom to Iran to get the political prisoners back, and many more activities to push the New World Order that the Vatican backs. But, the most telling event of bad actors was when a conference took place where Benjamin Netanyahu (a Free Mason) made a rather strange comment to Barack Obama, “Americans know that Israel and the United States share common values Iran’s leaders know that, too. For them you are the Great Satan and we are the Little Satan. For them we are you and you are us. And on this last point, Mr. President, I think that they are right. We are you. And you are us.” Very telling, don’t you think so? By the way most people thought he was joking. Remember the Illuminati (Free Masons) always telegraphs their next move. The Jesuit’s control the Illuminati.Since we have so many holdovers from the Obama Administration….President Trump has his job cut out for him….draining the swamp, cleaning up the CIA.

I will update as needed….

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Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

November 20, 2017

As I reported in a comment I made on George Webb’s YouTube channel on November 18, 2017, where I stated that the Marines were protecting our President. I didn’t go into more information as I was waiting for confirmation myself about things that I was reading/hearing that seemed to be unfolding….

Five hours later April LaJune came out on her YouTube channel claiming that it was confirmed, Marines had landed at Langley. She didn’t name her source, but I am sure it was Hal Turner. I sure would like to know how she found out.

Anyway, first let’s be clear, we don’t know why the Marines were there and exactly how many marines deplaned. We have different sources to check, all of them have different ideas as to what actually occurred at Langley on Saturday. Hal Turner’s intel seemed to be more in-depth, but we will explore different sources. In the end you will have to come to your own conclusion as to what actually happened. Possibly in the days ahead more information will come out.

For those of you who don’t know who Hal Turner is, I will just briefly say that he did work for the FBI at one time. Most ex-intelligence officers still have ties to investigators throughout their lives. So, I would listen to them when they give you a heads up. Don’t discount what they are trying to tell you.

Another great source is Ex-CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele who was recently on YouTube channel Victurus Libertas VL, where he was talking about the Trump coup that was taking place. Infowars has also talked about the coup as well as Steve Pieczenik, who guest stars on the War Room. Another ex-Intelligence officer to follow would be William Binney who was the whistleblower on the CIA, exposing the spying on Americans illegally as well as other unsavory tactics that were used.

Now, everyone is just assuming that the Marine landing at Langley had to do with the coup turning into a counter coup. We don’t know this as fact! What they were actually doing at the CIA is most likely classified. As Hal Turner has said recently in his blog….he doesn’t know why, or actually how many….just that it was abnormal for them to be there.

Now, whether or not President Trump sent those Marines there….One thing we do know is that the US military is suppose to be under civilian control, meaning the President of the USA controls our Military. Those of you that believe they are strictly under military commander control, just be advised…if that were so, then it would be a military dictatorship! Any officer who does not follow the command of the President of the USA is committing treason and would be brought up on treasonous charges, especially during times of war. One example being the termination of General MacArthur’s command during World War II. President Truman was lenient with this decision.

Another good intelligence to follow would be Benjamin Fulford. He is stating that the Marines invading the CIA at Langley was a coup to take down Operation Mockingbird which is run by the CIA, his source comes from the NSA. He likens this to the mass media mind control propaganda Americans were being fed through internet, Google, Facebook, etc….as Infowars for the last couple of days has been talking about how Google is getting worse with their mind control by pushing fact check sites on desktop web browsers every time Infowars is searched for or mentioned.

There has been an update on Hal Turner Radio Show where he clears up any misunderstandings/misconceptions about his reporting on the Marines landing at Langley. I would recommend you visiting his site which I have linked. Just keep in mind their are witnesses that live nearby that heard the Marine helicopters which went on for 30 minutes. Whether they actually landed or not is another matter…..

Another good source is Simon Parkes who has talked about a tweet by our President which referenced Alice & Wonderland, he claims the tweet was taken down just as quick as it went up.

With that all said, let’s not forget that President Trump has made the opioid addiction problem in the USA a main priority to get rid of the drugs that are coming into this country. We know that the CIA has looked the other way about the opium production in Afghanistan in previous administrations. Why would they do this? Simple, they have something to do with that production, just my opinion. But, when trying to put the puzzle pieces together and knowing that the US Military is now bombing drug labs in Afghanistan, as reported by the Washington Post, these strikes started on November 19, maybe, just maybe the Marines were sending a message to the CIA in Langley. Read More > ICC prosecutor seeks probe into war crimes allegations against U.S. military, CIA in Afghanistan


Normally if there is some type of insurrection within the US government the National Guard would be the branch that the President would most likely use, not the Marines. Here is why I say this, number one, they have been used before in situations of insurrection, within the USA. Number two, the Marines are not suppose to be used on domestic soil because of the Posse Comitatus Act. The intent of this act which was passed in the nineteenth century was used to prevent the military forces of the U.S. from becoming a national police force or guardia civil. Accordingly, the act prohibits the use of the military to “execute the laws. This is why I tend to believe some reports that say the Marines never landed.

In this situation I think that these intelligence sources were definitely gaslighted. Remember Q anonymous said we may get information that is disinformation and we should expect that.

This brings us to the conclusion of this report. Like I have said before, the President was duly elected, he is our President. We may believe the “QAnon” postings on 4chan, and others don’t believe. All I know is that our President is in control, surrounded with the best military he could possibly have at his command to protect American citizens, for this I sleep well at night, and so should you. God Bless our President, Military and the USA!

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Poor Bernie!

Poor Bernie!

November 17, 2017

We have all heard by now since Donna Brazile’s book “Hack” hit the bookshelves, we learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton controlled the DNC. She took it over way before the election campaign began and Donna promised to get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested.

I recommend you read this book, it details how the nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders. On the other hand, it is my opinion that Donna is covering her own butt by writing this book when it comes to not owning up to information she had concerning the DNC.

I have never forgotten her being fired by CNN for sharing questions for CNN-sponsored candidate events in advance with friends of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This shows devious intentions!

In my opinion, her book is a left leaning detail of events that she says left her scared to death of Russians. I would say more paranoid and nothing else.

The book “Hack” is available on iTunes for $14.99.

Now not only has she made herself paranoid, she has to worry about what the Clinton’s might do? I think by going public, if anything happens to Donna the direction of any investigation would lead right to the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton Is At It Again…

Hillary Clinton Is At It Again…

November 17, 2017

With the recent revelations that Hillary Clinton should be charged with pay to play since the Clinton Foundation received kickbacks or something more like treason, as far as I am concerned…when she sold 20% of US Uranium to Russia 🇷🇺…there seems to be enough evidence to connect Clinton through an FBI informant. Let that sink in!

As we get further into this recent turn of events, she may actually have to stand before a Grand Jury who is appointed by a Special Counsel to answer why? What was her motive? And so on…

Now her answer to a second Special Counselor being appointed is that it’s an “abuse of power.”

Hmmm, now why would she say this? If you look at everything Hillary has ever done in the political spectrum of things, from spinning an outcome she doesn’t like, she never fails to signal HER NEXT MOVE: With a planned vote in Congress to remove our President Trump, Hillary is jumping on the bandwagon with her claim of “abuse of power,” to try and take down our President, thereby using “malfeasance in office,” “or official misconduct.” *Note, A recall election cannot be used to remove a President, but her claims can add to his removal during a congressional vote. Believe me when I say they will use it to spin their web of deceit.

Excerpt from Excerpt – Definition of “recall election law,” via Strange that this removal from office is coming at a time that the Russia Mueller investigation pointed to the other side of the isle instead of Trump. When Paul Manafort’s and Rick Gate’s sealed indictments became public, and as far as we know none of the other campaign members for the Trump campaign had indictments, we quickly connected the Russian ties to the Podestas and Clintons who had ties with Paul Manafort. They all go way back.

With most of our congressional members being republican, I doubt that this will go anywhere. But, the Democrats will not go down without a fight. It will be interesting to follow where this goes. Seems like the Democrats always step into something, releasing more dirt on themselves, in essence it “backfires.”

When Hillary Clinton was asked by Mother Jones about a possible second Special Counsel being appointed, she replied; “I’m not concerned, because I know that there is no basis to it,” she said. “I regret if they do it because it will be such a disastrous step to politicizing the justice system. And at the end of the day, nothing will come of it, but it will, you know, cause a lot of terrible consequences that we might live with for a really long time.” What terrible CONSEQUENCES is she talking about?😳

No sooner did I write this article warning everyone what Hillary was up to…she does another interview with Mother Jones where she is still pushing the “Russia meddling in the election” narrative, even after a year! NO SHE WON’T GO QUIETLY BACK INTO THE WOODS! That’s not all of what she is claiming, she truly believes that “Russia ran a disinformation campaign about her.” Just wish she would tell us the truth, where are the bodies buried Hillary? She never mentions stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the Russian Uranium Deal, or any other interesting little tidbits. No, she thinks she’s UNTOUCHABLE! Arrogant as she is, I don’t feel a bit sorry for her.

Getting back to my original article here, this is more proof she’s going after Trump and the election for the millionth time…Take notice, every time she’s in trouble, she will spin anything to get out of trouble, not this time Hillary, you will never be President! Our President is staying put! Trump is not Putin’s puppet, but Podesta, Brazile, that woman with all the frizzy hair, what’s her name? Oh, yeah Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just to name a few are her puppets. There are many more who are her puppets, pay to play works well for her.

No one talks about all the middle eastern countries that contributed to the Clinton Foundation, never mind that they abuse woman with sharia law, that doesn’t seem to matter to Hillary. She just kept her eye on that prize….the Presidency. The Clinton Foundation Charity money was used for Clinton’s own personal use and for her campaign!

I have said it before that our CIA and FBI are comprised and that is still true today. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch even admits it and says it just might come to light. I believe it already has and she and the Obama Administration need to answer for their questionable deeds. We are not going to go away quietly!

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Oklahoma Biological Weapons Test

November 14, 2017

This information comes from FOX23 News:

Usually tests that are performed are not suppose to endanger humans, but who knows what could go wrong? Some people seem very concerned…

FOX 23 News:

According to their article this test will occur in 2018 at the abandoned Chilocco Indian School.

The school which is now divided into different zones has a long background that goes back many years according to It is owned by the United States government and is heavily guarded 24/7 by armed federal police and a large pack of dogs, even to this day. It is used as practice and training grounds which is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Residents have been warned in an Oklahoma newspaper about the upcoming test and were informed that the chemicals released would be non-toxic.

This test is suppose to simulate a biological chemical attack by terrorists and will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security.

FOX23 Excerpt from article:

“For the particle test, the government plans to release titanium dioxide, which it describes as a “white odorless powder that is chemically insoluble in water, nonreactive, nonflammable and nonhazardous.”

“For the biological test, the government plans to release genetic, barcoded spores of an insecticide sold under the trade name of Dipel. Dipel is not considered hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency when handled appropriately, according to an assessment.”

“The assessment said the test will have no adverse impact on human health or the environment.”

South Central Kansas, as well as the city of Arkansas itself seems very concerned as to the effects on citizens: Republican US Representative Ron Estes has a lot of questions concerning the safety: “I have numerous questions regarding this proposed test,” Estes said. “While it’s important for our federal agencies to test their abilities in response to threats, we need to be 100 percent certain this test is safe for the residents of south-central Kansas.”

So, it looks like before this event happens it will be watched closely.

Podesta’s Arrested? HOUSE OF CARDS♥️♦️FALLING♠️♣️

Podesta’s Arrested? HOUSE OF CARDS♥️♦️FALLING♠️♣️

November 8, 2017

On a 4chan/pol thread from anonymous in which he/or she has claimed that the Podesta’s would be indicted on November 3, 2017, we don’t have the ability to be able to clearly see whether or not this indictment has taken place since the rest of the indictments are still sealed. But, we may have some clues…

I know most of you have read where their were a number of Saudi Princes (11), government officials, royal billionaire, etc..all in all 38 others that were arrested earlier in the week. What you might not know is that new documents have just tied the Podesta Group to several of these Saudi Princes as recently as this year, as reported by OAN. These arrests were made because they were found to be operating above the law. By the way, where is Huma Abedine?

OAN reports that according to the DOJ, the Saudi’s filtered $140,000 per month to the Podesta Group last year alone. In a FARA registration statement $10,000 went to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign.

Let’s not forget that the Podesta Group are major donors to the Clinton Foundation. This ties into Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2016.

It is now being discovered that Robert Mueller was never hired as Special Prosecutor for Russian Collusion! Yup, you heard right. First of all there is no law against collusion, that was a spin by the MSM. Second, Robert Mueller was actually hired to investigate lobbyists having to do with Ukraine, as reported by a source familiar with the investigation. ZeroHedge reported about this lobbying in a post dated May 10, 2017, where lucrative fees were being paid to the Podesta Group for lobbying against Russian sanctions.

The Podesta’s also lobbyed for the Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Royal Court in Riyadh. Back in 2015 the press tried to ask what exactly this foreign lobbying consisted of and they were quickly rebuffed and told to contact their clients. What were they hiding? Why couldn’t they answer the press’s questions?

Something Big is happening for sure, otherwise why are so many moderate republicans, also known as (liberal republicans) politicians not seeking re-election? Have they been told that if they do run again that they will go to jail?

A very interesting fact brought to light, during one of Q’s anonymous postings on 4chan makes you wonder if Q is not our President. Why do I say this? LOOK 👀 NOTICE THE +++ AFTER Q SIGNS OFF, then 7 minutes later our President tweets, SIGNING OFF WITH +++!If it’s not our President posting on 4Chan, maybe it is someone close to him.

This all is getting very interesting and I wouldn’t put it past our President to keep us up to date in anyway he possibly could without endangering the process which is moving along. He kept telling us he was going to drain the swamp. Why do you think he relies on his military as much as he does? He has surrounded himself with Generals he trusts.

Here is the link to posts by Q (1-10 waves) *NOTE: YOU HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN QUITE AWAYS ON 4CHAN POSTING TO SEE THE WAVES UPDATES “Q” ON 11/11/2017


50 More Sealed Indictments; These in Federal Court, Eastern Virginia We all know that the Clintons got their political start in Little Rock, Arkansas, right? Interesting to note that there are quite a few indictments from there. Where does Barack Obama hail from? That’s right, Chicago, Illinois….there are many sealed indictments from there also. Keep in mind, we were just told the other day that Barack showed up in Chicago for “Jury duty,” around the 7-8 November, if you can believe that. Maybe it was for something else quite different. You know how the MSM constantly covers for the Dems. Things are getting quite interesting, great time to be alive!

There seem to be a lot of cases for grand jury trials coming up soon, some of which were rioters during the 2016 Election Campaign. Finally they are being brought to justice and most likely these cases may extend into 2018 since there are so many.

An interesting point has come to light concerning medical boots that Hillary and John McCain are wearing. Hillary supposedly was reported as injuring her ankle or toe a little while ago. John McCain’s injury is said to be effects from an Achilles’ tendon tear, just recently. Well, we know Paul Manafort and Rick Gates who were indicted recently, their records were unsealed….are wearing electronic ankle bracelets. How coincidental that McCain and Clinton are wearing boots on the same exact same leg. Could they be wearing the ankle bracelets under the casts in order to hide them?

UPDATE: 11/17/2017, Hillary was seen and a video taken of her coming out of possibly a bookstore, not sure, but anyway…she still is wearing that medical boot…(screen grab)

UPDATED PICTURE OF HILLARY CLINTON TAKEN AT A BOOK SIGNING IN PHILADELPHIA on 11/31/2017, still wearing something under her pant leg for a broken toe:

UPDATE 12/14/2017

Well, Hillary is still wearing that boot on her right leg, this was supposed to be for a broken toe which was back in October, very strange. She was at a book signing at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle in 12/12/2017 and she’s still wearing it. The video where she is getting out of her scooby van can be seen HERE> Screen grab from video:

It looks like another one is wearing one of those medical boots, Rep Jackie Speier, US Representative for California’s 14th Congressional District:

I have stated before in a previous post, I don’t think Mueller is an enemy of our United States or our President. I still believe this! To much evidence is coming to light to tie Clinton, Huma Abedine and the Podesta’s to some possible nefarious activities.

Birds of a feather flock together, follow the money!

Well, QAnon has told us that by the time the President came back from his Asian trip all would be under control, the death of the Clinton cabal would be accomplished. It looks like even Jeb Bush might be signaling something important:

If 4Chan Anonymous is being touted as a big joke, think of this…how did they know that something big was going to happen in Texas?

In the London attacks, they (4Chan) were bold enough to post coordinates before it actually happened. So, we have to admit, some posts must be from people that know enough….but don’t stop it! Why? Are there two types of factions that post? Good vs Evil?

Below is the proof anonymous posted before the London attacks, excerpt taken from the SOUTH AFRICAN article:

Mayor de Blasio – Warned About New York Terrorist Activities

November 1, 2017

Imam Tawhidi had written a letter to the Mayor back in February, 2017 asking for an interview with the Mayor. He had credible knowledge of detailed financial funding coming from the Middle East and books that were being imported which contained radicalized (Wahabist) fundamentalist teachings. These books that were being imported were also being gifted to prisoners within the New York prison system.

This letter apparently was completely ignored by the Mayor and most likely was never referred to the FBI.


As you can see, he was completely ignored! Why was he ignored? Well, it’s simple, we were told by the New York Post, that the NYPD banned an anti-terror handbook that was right on point, and could have possibly stopped the terrorism that happened in New York yesterday that killed 8 and injured many. The Muslims felt they were being spied on (religious profiling)!

This anti-terrorism handbook was banned from New York Police, Intelligence, Counter-terrorism forces due to a lawsuit  by lawyers for the city and Muslim leaders. Former law enforcement officers feared that by banning the handbook, it could not stop the vehicle-ramming attacks that were plaguing European cities. Well, now it’s plaguing the USA also, what are they going to do about this???

If I was the family of any people that were maimed or killed yesterday, I would sue both de Blasio and the city, not stopping there…..sue the lawyers and the Muslim leaders, judges that let this banning take place!


There Are Difference of Factions in CIA – They Killed Kennedy 

October 25, 2017

We have recently been told that President Trump will direct the CIA to release the classified information on the investigation into the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Never before in United States history has so much true information leaked from sources like Wikileaks, whistleblowers which took place leading up to the election of 2016.

Now people are beginning to wakeup and believe not everyone is a true patriot or American. There is just to much evidence which points to different factions that are working to bring down the democracy, crippling the USA.

We have seen up close those different factions, like former Director of the CIA, James Comey. We have exposed by names those that are heading those different factions. President Trump’s decision was to the horror of the CIA, thus exposing non-stop those different factions.

It is my belief that the CIA wanted to wait until the death of George H W Bush before releasing the full investigation to the public. There are still people alive who could be prosecuted for their part in cooking up the assassination. This not only exposes people who were involved with the death of John F Kennedy, it involves the death of his brother Robert Francis Kennedy, his brother.

You probably heard that there was inside turmoil going on in the FBI as a result of more evidence that was being released about Hillary Clinton. Well, there was turmoil inside the CIA also. Different factions fighting for their right to remain in control. That’s what separates the real CIA and FBI from the so called Deep State. You are seeing this more and more as the alternative media exposes them. It is a fight to the death!

In order for that Deep State to remain in control of the USA they had to have a President who would cover for them, of course that President was not Donald Trump. So, now you can make a mental list for yourself who is the Deep State. Start at the top with Hillary and Bill Clinton and work your way out, kind of like a tree….known associations are a very good indication they are Deep State as well.

Thank God we have the internet, that is what exposed them, tell Hillary…”That’s What Happened.” We the people are a powerful body, we have more power than they will ever admit.

Testimony from a CIA agent, Robert Plumlee, who was a pilot for the CIA states that the Texas Clan which was later called the Texas Mafia are the ones that killed our President. The design of this assassination came from the Deep State. As soon as the Pentagon heard that their was a plot in play, they called for a team to be dispatched to abort the assassination on the very day he was killed. To bad they were not able to stop the Kennedy assassination.

The man that was arrested for the killing of JFK, and Officer J D Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, was an Operations Naval Intelligence (ONI) agent who was working undercover with the Dallas Police and FBI in Texas at that time. He was actually a triple operative who was set up as a patsy. When the truth comes out, which it will, Lee Harvey Oswald will get the military honors he should have had upon his death.

That Deep State is still alive and working within our most crucial Department of State, FBI and CIA.

We also know that Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was also involved with the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, testifies to this fact. She had an illegitimate son by Johnson who was later killed by the Deep State.

The Deep States head will be cut off soon, it has been neutralized with the de-acceleration of globalization and the uncovering of the real Russian collusion with an indictment on October 30, 2017 of Paul Manafort and his assistant Richard Gates. One of the interesting indictments has to do with conspiracy against the USA, you will see as time goes on the ties of Paul Manafort with the Podesta brothers and Hillary Clinton. Folks these are just some of the Deep State (the other faction). Remember when I told you many months ago that there is a jail that will house 23 inmates….looks like its going to come to fruition.

Indictment Monday

Indictment Monday

October 30, 2017

According to RT, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were told to surrender in the Mueller Russia probe today. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted on 12 counts which includes conspiracy against the United States according to RT. These indictments were unsealed today.

We had known that the Special Counselor Robert Mueller had advised Manafort that he would most likely be indicted. This came as no surprise. What did come as a surprise was the arrest and indictment of George Papadopoulos, Trumps former Volunteer Foreign Policy Campaign Advisor.  He was one of many volunteers. He had only met once with the advisory council, it seems as though he might of taken steps into his own hands. According to the White House Press Secretary, any of Papadopoulos’s meetings were pushed back, so any steps he took were of his own accord.

Papadopoulos is being accused of making false false statements to the FBI. You can read the indictment HERE, which was filed October 5, 2017.

Some of the counts that Manafort is facing are money laundering to the tune of around 18 million which was used for Trump Campaign money to buy property, goods and services according to Fox Newswhich were concealed from the US Treasury and the Department of Justice. He is also facing “Conspiracy Against the USA.”

COURT DOCS: Manafort, Gates indicted in first charges from Russia probe 

Manafort and Gates acted as unregistered agents of the Government of Ukraine where they made tens of millions of dollars in income as reported by Fox News. Manafort didn’t register as an agent until June of 2017.

This in no way shows any collusion with Russia on President Trump’s part, but it just might lead to the real collusion artists Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. It is Manafort’s role as a liasion between Russia and the Podesta Group that is drawing scrutiny, as well as the false “Russian Dossier” that the Hillary Campaign and DNC paid for.

We also know that an unknown republican was  paying for this Dossier information during the GOP primary in order to discredit Trump. Could this of been Senator John McCain? Maybe, maybe not, but Trey Gowdy thinks that money which was used to pay for the Dossier may have been laundered through a law firm to avoid transparency laws. That doesn’t look good for Hillary at all. You can watch Trey Gowdy talking about this in this .

Also, the “Uranium Deal” that was signed off by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. This all ties into Russian collusion…this indictment of Manafort may alleviate a second Special Counsel appointed for the Deep State and potential indictments when they question him during the Grand Jury trial. This is all bound to come out. Why was it that the Clinton campaign was never cooperative with the FBI when they asked for the DNC server?

Remember, back in 2009 the FBI was gathering evidence of kick backs, bribes, money laundering that Russia was using to influence Russia’s hold on the American Uranium market. This information comes from Fox News. Later on the Obama administration’s DOJ let it ride and never did anything to stop it. This will all come out! James Comey was head of the FBI then and should of done something!

Something of interest concerning Tony Podesta; today he resigned from his firm, along with the CEO Kimberley Fritts, who is said to be leaving to start her own lobbying shop. The Podesta Group employees are not expected to receive paychecks past November 15. Could this possibly signal some type of freezing of monies? Seems like she is distancing herself from the Podesta Group. Annnnd…I’m not done…get this, Hillary Clinton was seen this past weekend conversing with, non-other than Tony Podesta, as reported by Breitbart. Seems he found out Mueller was investigating him! Wow, this reminds me of the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting! Remember to, Bill Clinton has distanced himself from Hillary. Wonder why?

And then, it gets even better…Podesta is just now registering money as foreign agents…oops it doesn’t work that way!

I believe wholeheartedly that the truth will come out in the Grand Jury trial, as Hillary Clinton and Manafort go back a long ways. According to RealClear Politics, a source, who we now know was an ex- senior employee of the Podesta group that wants to remain anonymous, told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that Manafort and the Podesta brothers are the real central figures that the Special Counsel is looking at. You can read more about how Manafort, the Podesta Brothers and Hillary Clinton associate with the Russian Oligarchs.

Another point to make, many people are attacking Jeff Sessions, saying things like, why isn’t Sessions investigating Hillary for her crimes? I was even wondering why also. When I look at where the Special Counsel is today with the indictments that just came out, there’s sufficient evidence to me that Sessions is leaving Hillary Clinton, Obama and Podesta to the Grand Jury. It’s not uncommon for Grand Jury’s to reverse and go in a different direction. Whats important is where the evidence they have will take them. Just thought I would point that out to my readers.

The below video shows how Podesta is tied up in the Mueller Probe: The original source of the video is @SIDexposed (Repealobamacare on Twitter)

A while back Trey Gowdy said just let Mueller do his job, now we are beginning to see why he said it, and how it will end up. #LOCKHERUP

Many people are saying Mueller wants to bring President Trump down, I disagree. Why would the President have met with Mueller days before he became Special Counsel? He also was interviewing him for FBI Director, according to CNN.


I believe that Manafort was an operative of the Podesta Group and the Clinton machine. Why else would men like Manafort and Papadopoulos  try to get the President to agree to Russian meetings? You don’t endanger your candidate for President like that. Something smells 🐠🐟.

I believe those close to the President knew about a coup that was taking place by the Deep State after he took office on January 20, 2017. The only way to stop it was to have those FBI agents that were loyal to the President place Manafort and  Papadopoulos under FBI surveillance. According to the indictment, Papadopoulos was interviewed seven days after the President took office. That right there proves the FBI knew something wasn’t right.

Our President has avowed many times that there was no collusion from his campaign with Russia. I believe him, there were certainly no indictments flung his way today and I don’t think there ever will be in the future.

Then there is the time when the head of NSA, Director Mike Rogers met with Trump and never told the Obama Administration he was meeting with him. Why hide a meeting? Unless they were discussing something that they did not want the Obama administration to know. I think they filled Trump in on the coup that would take place if he became President. These are important questions that really impact my change of opinion on the Mueller Russian Investigation.

Remember, I was one of the people first to make the assumption that they weren’t investigating Trump, instead I felt it was directed at Clinton and her minions. I said this in a previous article which I wrote many months ago. I explained why and who I thought was really being investigated before the Grand Jury was even impaneled.

This all most likely ties into why Papadopoulos wasn’t arrested sooner, he most likely was used as an informant for the FBI, maybe in order to get a lighter sentence. Maybe he did wear a wire like people are saying. But, it wasn’t being used against Trump, it was being used to gather evidence against the Deep State.

The FBI could of had Papadopoulos meet with Christopher Steele, everything could have been recorded. The FBI would now have the recordings to tie the Dossier to the Clinton cabal. Remember, Tucker Carlson from Fox News said he had it from a source that the Podesta brothers and Manafort were the “central figures” in the Mueller probe, as I stated earlier above. This is all making sense now!

Stange fact is that the recommendation Mueller made in the sentencing of Papadopoulos was only 0-6 months! This tells me he’s cooperating with attorneys.

Think about what I have just said and know Mueller is not the enemy here. Clinton and her minions are guilty of “conspiracy against the USA,” as far as I am concerned, just like Manafort and Gates. Let this Grand Jury play out, you’ll see I’m right.

UPDATE 11/4/2017, It has been reported by anonymous that there will be forthcoming indictments, which were suppose to be 11/3, 11/6 respectively. One for Tony Podesta, one for Huma Abedin.

Another anonymous source is claiming that both Podestas have been indicted.

Some are speculating that there are still four sealed indictments in the Russian Investigation where Mueller is Special Counsel. Some are speculating two maybe for Tony and John Podesta.

Sealed Indictments are done for two reasons, 1) it may be sealed because the defendant/informant is still working with prosecutors, 2) there has not been a reading out of charges in court, until this process happens, it will remain sealed.

At an arraignment the charges will become unsealed, no one can be brought before court on a sealed indictment. So, stay tuned, it will all come out.

I will continue to update this post as more information is made available.



October 28, 2017

Well, well we have been made aware that these nuts that have advertised for Crisis Actors before are at it again, this time it’s for the date October 28, 2017 for an event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee which is still pending authorization. Still says pending authorization as of early morning 10/29. Maybe they changed the date or didn’t get approved. READ ON THOUGH….

Oh, and don’t be fooled on the “non-globalist sovereign mindset preferred,” looks like they are trying to flip it on us! Since when do good well meaning Patriots who back President Trump need crisis actors? Don’t stick to the date of October, 28th either, there are many things happening in Murfreesboro into November like the “Old Time Jam.”

What’s going on in Murfreesboro? According to the site, there is to be a “White Lives Matter” rally, complete with bonafide white supremacists ((League of the South, National Socialist Movement, and Traditionalist Workers Party). Excuse me, but didn’t we just see this in Charlottesville, VA? It didn’t turn out well at all. This is the one that didn’t get approved yet, as far as I know, BUT….

Looks like the town is already preparing for something nasty, as some of the shop windows are already boarded up.

With the two bombs that were planted at the battlefield where confederate soldiers were staging a re-enactment in Middletown, Virginia. This was only a tip of the iceberg, ANTIFA will be at it again, make no mistake. That $500 payout is awfully attractive to them.

Murfreesboro is also having an event called “Paint the Mall Purple,” which I believe could be a target area which runs through October 31. Why do I say this? Remember the concession speech Hillary Clinton gave when she and her minions were all decked out wearing purple! Remember Vegas, ALL PURPLE LIGHTING? They seem to give clues right out into the open, right beneath our very eyes.

If you are planning on attending any of these events, do be careful and leave yourself some kind of quick exit.

Also, October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation day. This is talked about in Revelations. It will change Christianity as we know it if the pope signs this document which will usher in the “Mark of the Beast.” Be aware on October 31 events of all kinds, stay safe.

Why would the Pope pick Halloween to sign this?

Sources: Something Big Is About To Happen On October 31, 2017

Heads Up Tennessee! CRISIS ACTORS WANTED? Hmmm

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Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Most people are scared of North Korea’s threats. Don’t be scared since we have the technology which is so far advanced, it makes the nuke incomparable. Actually this technology could destroy a missile, virtually making it invisible, or dust! Sound strange? Read on….

We have had this early technology as early as 1943. If you have not heard of it, let me fill you in quickly and then you can do further research.

In August of 1943 the USA performed an experiment of such magnitude that it would change the way the USA could fight wars in the future. It was discovered by accident when the US was looking for ways to hide from detection of the enemies radar. You may ask after I tell you what this experiment is, why would they do this to USA military men? My answer to you, they have been doing experiments on our US military men and women for years. Don’t believe me, just look it up for yourselves.

This experiment was called the “Philadelphia Experiment”, it was an experiment that was hidden, censored, much like what they do today with information they try and deem a conspiracy. Only thing they didn’t count on is that their were the witnesses that could testify to what they had seen and been through.

This was suppose to be just a test which actually worked, but turned into a nightmare for some of the guinea pigs that it was tested on. A ship called the USS Eldridge which was a Destroyer Escort was sitting in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, The ship disappeared and then reappeared. The horrible effects of the technology actually meshed men into the ship, some men could not stop disappearing and then reappearing. This was the beginning of the testing of what later would be called a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW). There are only three countries besides the US that have developed this technology, Russia, China and India, which are in the early stages. As of this writing Wikipedia is trying to take down the information of Directed Energy Weapon.

As I was typing this article, finished and was going to publish it, it disappeared! So, here goes the second try……and the Wikipedia page has a help message on it in order to change it! Let that be positive proof, they don’t want you to know a darn thing! Don’t worry, I grabbed a screen shot! You can check the evidence of what Wikipedia does with articles that are true and informative, that they evidently want censored. Funny, it involves Dr Judy Wood.

Take for example 9/11, some people believe the Twin Towers and other buildings that were near turned to dust because of thermite. Others like Dr Judy Wood who is a Physicist/Engineer and a highly educated woman who wholeheartedly disagrees with the 9/11 Commission. You can read about her education on the Wikipedia page I have linked above….moving forward…..Dr Wood explains what she sees that the evidence points to.

After listening to videos, which I will link below the article, more and more I am convinced of what might of happened instead of the theory of planted explosives. I am convinced that with the DEW technology the USA has, it’s definitely conceivable that this was a DEW hit.

We have had this technology since 1943 and I am sure it has advanced so far in the years after, North Korea had better not mess with us! They said on the Wikipedia page that it wouldn’t be ready for weapon use until 2020, in my opinion we are already there.

Very Good Read – Dr Judy Wood Physicist/Engineer

Part 1 Forensic Investigation of 9/11

Part 2 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 3 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 4 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 5 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

This type of weaponry may have been used to start the fires that raged out of control in Santa Rosa, CA.

As reported by SFGATE NEWS, A man by the name of Matthew McDermott was trying to find an escape route from the fires near his hometown of Sonoma and found a tree burning from the inside near Schellville, nothing was burning from the outside. This is an unnatural fire, unless it was hit by lightening, which we all know it wasn’t. The DEW burns things just like microwaves, from the inside out.

Homes were completely turned to dust in Santa Rosa. A few trees may have survived. Pictures of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park Neighborhood courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.

Those fires erupted and moved so quickly that people barely had time to evacuate, just minutes to spare. Strangely the homes just across the street survived, never touched by the fires.

Then there were buildings like Applebee’s that are surrounded by parking lot, how did the fire jump over to these buildings? Unless it wasn’t a natural fire to begin with. And…the trees survived!

If it wasn’t for the tree that was burning on the inside, we might never have questioned these fires.

Another interesting  has surfaced that shows a light source anomaly coming from the sky during the California fires. This was recorded by a helicopter.

The interesting fact is that aplaintruth‘s video points out that the area which was evacuated during the Santa Rosa fire was set for rezoning according to Agenda 2030.

aplaintruth points out that there is a book called “Behind The Green Mask” written by Rosa Corey who lives in that area. She wrote about this particular area in Santa Rosa that would be targeted for rezoning due to the Agenda 21, or what we now know to be called Agenda 2030. The areas that were in her book, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa Valley were all targeted for Agenda 21. Those same areas were evacuated, is this just coincidental?

The  also points out that a woman named Kathleen Epstein sent him this next document that shows the pending development, dated June 2017.

These developments seem to be the exact areas they were evacuating.

Evacuated Areas👇When you think about the code changes, like no chimneys, how far the building must be set back,  or how large the building can be, etc.. Do you think their is any possibility that these families who lost their homes in the fires will ever be able to rebuild like it once was? Doesn’t look like it!

Make sure you watch the full video linked above, it sure makes sense as to what a possible motive for these fires could be.

There is further proof that these fires were premeditated due to the Agenda 21/2030 global scheme using this microwave energy weapon.

Early on a woman named Deborah Tavares who is an activist in California spoke out about certain anomalies she found in documents that should be made public knowledge. She had an interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 where she talked about these fires that would happen in Sonoma, Mendocino counties. She also mentions weather modification technology from satellites that not only could be used to change the weather in Northern California, but also as a weapon to spark fires in pinpointed areas. Folks this is pure evil and you will find as you listen to this that the Rothschilds are behind it!

We just talked about pinpointed fires, take a look at this VIDEO which was shot from the air where you will see evidence of fires that were supposedly sparked by areas where there is brush that could catch fire due to dryness. You will clearly see homes, just homes, nothing else is on fire. This is what she was talking about when she referenced (pinpointed) fires.

Does our President not see this? I think if he did he would do something about this, don’t you? Or maybe he’s not totally in charge! Think about it

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