What are boomerangs you ask?  Not the type you throw, no, they are the millennial generation that have landed back home….again.  There seems to be in this generation, record numbers of them that just cannot make it on their own.  Whether it is job loss, illness…who knows?

I do know that when I was their ages I already had a career, a child and was married.  So, what is up with this new generation?  They are a lot different from the boomer generation.  They like to party a lot, but with whose money?  Do they pay rent when living with their parents?  Do they help their parents with yard work, house cleaning?  Do they help pay utility bills?  The statistics leave me utterly worried.

I have also read where they definitely take advantage of their parents help raising their children.  Many grandparents instead of enjoying their golden years are babysitting grandchildren and not getting paid for it. This is very upsetting to read about.  There are many articles on google for instance, about this so called trend.

So again, what is up with this particular generation?  Comments are welcomed.

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