Syrian Immigrants

This blog is a very controversial subject.  On the one hand I do feel for the Syrian immigrants.  Their lives and the lives of their family members have been torn apart.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they went through, and are still going through.  Most walking several hundreds of miles hoping that the journey will take them somewhere that is a safe haven for them.  Traveling by small boats in weather that is getting colder.  I read where one young man had wrapped his legs in packaging tape just to try to keep the cold water off them.

When the immigrants finally get to their destination they are sometimes welcomed and sometimes not welcomed.  For the majority of these people, they only want a place to live in peace.  Can we blame them for wanting the same things every American or European wants?  We are all made from the same cloth, truthfully!

ISIS or ISIL or whatever name you want to call these people who are bent on destroying, plundering, conquering nations.  They would be happy and self served to know that some countries will not or cannot take in the immigrants.  What are these immigrants to do?  Go back?  We all know that is impossible for them.  ISIS has said many times that some of them would migrate with the immigrants.  This is horrible to even think about!

Our own President has said we need to help in the efforts of keeping the immigrants safe and making them feel secure and welcomed.  Our governing body has promised better vetting of the immigrants.  This example here is what America is all about.  Since we have all expressed our concerns and the government is finally listening, maybe there is a way to make this work for all our benefits.

In the last couple of days I have watched again as America pulls together after the San Bernardino attacks. We have all vented our thoughts, some more than others!  But, I know as a country that changes with the times we all will survive this.  Certain laws will change to protect us all, including the immigrants.

I think most of the negative talks I have heard are not meant to be racist or islamophobic. People are just scared about the unknown.  Also, every race, religion, etc… are equal in the eyes of our Lord!  We need to help those in need as we can.  As one very special Reverend once said to me, “only do as much for someone that you can afford to, within reason”.

I do agree with Mr. Trump when he said that ISIS are thugs.  Well, that is all I have to say about this very controversial subject.  I hope this gives us all something to think about.


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