The Birth of My Precious Little Boy

Being pregnant for a woman is a very happy time.  Feeling that little somebody within you just makes you feel so complete and whole somehow.  I already had two children before this little somebody, both of them girls.  They were both a joy to raise and I love them with all my heart.  This time I was hoping for a boy.  I had always heard boys were easier to raise than girls.  If this was true, how would I know?  I wasn’t like most moms who would go shopping before the big event happened.  I just might have to take everything back.  So, I waited, patiently and hoping.

It finally came time for the ultrasound and I was so excited.  Would I finally know?  I laid very still while the technician moved the instrument over my abdomen.  Is it a boy? I asked.  I don’t know yet she replied.  I thought maybe I was talking to much and that was just her way to tell me to shut up.  I waited patiently to hear.  When all was said and done she exclaimed, I think its a girl because I don’t see the male anatomy part.  I was quietly thinking, images in my head of a little boy being pushed in a swing, my husband having the joy of teaching him how to play football.  You know, just all the things boys like to do. I hurriedly dressed and left, not sure if I was happy or sad.

The drive home was quiet, no radio on, to consumed with my thoughts.  By the time I had pulled into the driveway I was in a better frame of mind.  What really did it matter if it was a girl?  She would still be loved by her father and siblings.  I set to work bringing out baby clothes I had saved from the other girls.

Each day getting closer to the big event, and we were all excited.  My middle daughter would rub my tummy and we would talk about her little sister.  She helped me get the new babies room ready, chatting in her little girls voice.  I could tell she just couldn’t wait for this new sibling.  You see, she was kind of like an only child since her older sister was seventeen years older than her.  She would tell me she would finally have someone to play with.  She was very excited and had her life all planned out around this new baby.  Everything was going to be great and it didn’t really matter if it was a boy or girl.

My husband just wanted a healthy baby, it didn’t matter to him.  His mother said as long as the baby was as sweet as the sister, she would be happy.  So, I set my mind to just accepting it would be a girl.  These were some of the most happiest times I can remember as my family was growing.  

My obstetrician asked me if I wanted any of the tests that would detect birth defects.  I declined these tests; as my thinking was that I wanted my baby no matter what.

We had just finished a nice dinner and I had given my daughter a bath.  My husband was watching some type of sports program.  I helped my daughter dress and tucked her into bed.   We read a story together, and I tucked her in again.  As I leaned down to give her a kiss I remember her baby smell.  You know that clean, baby smell.  She was such a little chubby baby with those dimples in her little elbows, and that smile that could just melt away all troubles as she looked up into my face.  I treasure those moments with her and look forward to more with her and her new sibling.

I was getting ready for bed myself and as I leaned over to get the bed ready my lower back started aching.  This was a familiar sign but I knew I had time.  After all, I had done this two times before, right?  I do remember calling my obstetrician to tell him I was in labor, that it had just started.  I hang up the phone and stand up.  Next thing I know my water had broken.  Now, this is unusual, I call the doctor back and inform him that my water has broken and I am on my way to the hospital.

My husband is putting my bags into the car and he has already told our oldest daughter to watch her sister.  We have quite a long drive ahead of us since the hospital is about fifty miles away.  My labor is moving along a lot faster than normal and I don’t think we will make it it time.  My husband who normally has everything under control sees a police car pulled off the side of the road.  He pulls up behind the officer and asks him for an escort.  This is not a busy time on the highway, why is he doing this?  I yell at him to get back into the car, we don’t need an escort!  I might of even said a few words that I regretted later.  He did get back into the car and off we went, without an escort.

As we pulled up to the emergency entrance of the hospital my contractions were getting a lot closer together.  They put me in a room and nurses came in to check me and then the anesthesiologist came in.  My husband said to the anesthesiologist “she doesn’t need anything for the pain because she didn’t have anything with our other baby”.  Well, I looked at my husband and exclaimed “who the ?!@? is having this baby anyway”?  I did get the caudal block.  My husband had forgotten,  when our other child was born there was no time for the caudal block.  She was born fifteen minutes after getting to the hospital.

Things were now progressing well, I wasn’t feeling anything and they were getting me ready for the delivery.  I could not wait to hold our baby, kiss her little face and smell that sweet baby smell.  Our little one was born and He was born with his five little fingers on each hand and five little toes on each little foot.  There was so much talking going on and the nurses and doctor were looking at him and this little one was just screaming with all his might!  It was a healthy baby boy weighing in at nine pounds with those little dimples and little rolls of fat.  He was beautiful and he was a boy!

I really don’t think it matters if it is a girl or boy just as long as they are healthy!  That healthy little baby boy is now twenty four.








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