Climate Change

Nations think that climate change (global warming) has to do with the excessive burning of fossil fuels which emit carbon dioxide, causing warming. Deforestation is also blamed for the warming of the earth.  Maybe in part that is true, but climate change probably existed when the cavemen and dinosaurs were roaming this planet.  The planet has always gone through climate change.  I am talking about the ice age not warming.  Although in some areas of the planet maybe they did get warmer.

Some politicians have even said that the Syrian war was caused because of climate change which caused severe drought.  Prices in food went sky high and this added to unrest.  Many mass migrations took place which might have caused some of the Syrian conflicts.

Today I was reading from an article about NASA stating fossil fuels also give off aerosols which temporarily cause cooling of the environment.  The article also states that where heavy industrialization and deforestation combined with more fossil fuel burning, has caused a cooling effect.  It is a good article if you want to read it:

Whatever is causing the problem, it has to be addressed.  Whether it is man made or just nature, I do not think it can be fixed so easily.

Sustainability – Where Does This Fit In?

I have read different articles on sustainability and how each one of our states wants to proceed towards it.The houses will get smaller, property will become a thing of the past and eventually property owners will not be allowed to own acres and acres of land because it is considered unsustainable.  This is all explained in Agenda 21, everything will change and not as we know it now.  Even population expansion will be limited.  There are a lot of internet sites that are talking about it.

This is all going to take place and I don’t know exactly what we can do about it.  I once sent Hillary Clinton an email asking her what her position was on Agenda 21.  I never did get a reply back.  If most people do not know what this is how can we do anything about it?

With all the climate change being discussed this is just a door opening up for Agenda 21 to start being implemented.


Agenda 21 is now called Agenda 2030, there are many articles on the internet that describe all of the changes that will take place.

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