Executive Order for Guns

President Obama in the coming days, during the time he makes his State of the Union Address on January 12, 2016, will tell Americans about a new executive order.  Now, since congress has not taken action, I am wondering why?  If better back ground checks could help keep people safer and guns out of the hands of phsycopaths, then it would be a good thing, right?  I don’t believe that people on the no-fly list should be able to buy guns either.  Our congress would know this action would help keep Americans safer.  My question is what else is written into these steps?  There must be something that congress deems as hurting law-abiding citizens and the second amendment.

President Obama has squeaked (surprises) in on all Americans when it comes to trying to pass new bills.  Remember Obamacare?  This has left many poor Americans falling through the cracks without expanding medicaid in some states.  Maybe this is why congress would not pass this new bill on guns.  This said, his executive order would not be what the majority of Americans want.  He doesn’t want to work with congress at all.  It’s all or nothing and he is going to do what he wants anyway.  The hell with what Americans want.  This to me is not living in a democracy!  Another example of slipping wordage into bills that could confuse someone if they were not a lawyer is the CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act).   Congress slipped the CISA into a budget bill.  The Senate recently passed the CISA with a vote 74-21.  This left privacy advocates incredibly surprised.  www.rt.com.

What else could happen between now and the election?   I for one who is a registered democrat is not voting for Hillary Clinton.  She would just be an extension of Obama.  NO, NOT ME!

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