Forthcoming Executive Order

Our Presidents executive order will not keep criminals or terrorists from getting guns, this is a fact.  I mean, come on, criminals are criminals they will find ways.  They find ways to get drugs and sell them, this is an ongoing problem.  I understand the President like all Americans are hurt deep inside when you read about another killing.  This action will not change things.

We already have good background checks in place to protect us.  What some people don’t know that the wording in this executive order will keep social security disability receipients who are unable to manage their financial affairs from buying guns.  Other social security pensioners will be targeted also.  Just because you are uncabable of keeping your financial picture on track, having bad credit could keep you from purchasing a gun.  This is where it becomes tricky.  How this executive order is worded could have far reaching targets.

There are far more responsible gun owners in this country and this outweighs any of the negative.  That age old adage “One Bad Apple can spoil the barrel” is true.  If you are a responsible gun owner you need to stand up for your rights and let the government know you will not accept this.

By targeting SSD persons’ they will kill two birds with one stone.  They aim for you to get off SSD, get a job which would show you are able to hold a job and are not mentally ill anymore.  Therefore able to legally fight to be able to buy a gun.  As I have said before, the way a legal agreement is worded, it can be interrupted by judges and lawyers in different ways.  The loopholes for gun purchases in gun shows should be closed. There should be background checks for all purchases.  There is no quick resolve to keep violence out of America.  This executive order is not meant to help, just to put more restrictions on the innocent.  You have a right by the second amendment or carry and protect your family and self.

Even for those who do not own guns, I am sure you can see that this executive order is not meant to help, but to hinder law abiding citizens.  With all the talk of terrorism and seeing it come into our county I still don’t see where this order could help.  In the case of San Bernardino, there were background checks and still a bad outcome.  If they can’t get guns they would just use bombs, knives, or whatever.

Evil is in the world and we can not always stop it.  To reiterate, I am for better background checks, closing gun show loopholes and anyone who sells a gun privately.  I think it should depend on how severe someones mental illness is that could affect their ability to purchase/own a firearm.

There must be a reason why congress would not pass a better gun bill/law.  I believe as I have stated earlier it is tied to social security disability and social security pensioners.

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