Time Traveling

There are so many evil things going on in our society today.  Terrorism is one whether inside of the USA or abroad.  Human trafficking is a horrific evil going on all over the world.  These are just a couple of items that are very disturbing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know ahead of time, to be able to change the events that would eventually be played out.

Science has worked on time travel, it was well documented close to the end of World War II.  This experiment is named the Philadelphia Experiment and it was executed sometime in 1943.  The objective was to make the USS Eldridge invisible to sonar and radar.  To their elation, the experiment worked.  But, the ship totally disappeared from Norfolk Harbor, Virginia.  After 24 hours it reappeared in Philadelphia Harbor.   There were big problems that they had not thought about.  Out of the 181 crew members on board her, only 21 survived.  A while later the total number of dead on board were 40 and 120 that never came back!  See the article here:  bibliotecapleyades.net/…/esp_ciencia_timetravel08a.htm titled Rips in Time.

Some people are gifted as such, they can travel outside their bodies while sleeping to other times, or far away places.  There is documented proof in some near death experiences such as Elizabeth Taylor’s near death experience, where she claimed after dying during a surgery, witnessed by doctors and nurses.  She was able to explain exactly what she saw and to whom she spoke to.  Article here:   nhne-pulse.org/elizabeth-taylor-describes-her-near-death-experience Death Experience titled Elizabeth Taylor’s Near Death Experience.

These are just two mind boggling events.  I don’t cast doubt that somehow the mind has so much more power…..maybe the power to stop horrible events from happening.  If science could harness this power, the world could change drastically, hopefully with a much better outcome.

Of course then there are skeptics that would say events of the past could be changed also.  True, and maybe this might not be such a good thing, such as the outcome of World War I or II.  But if it could only be used for the good, we might have a more peaceful planet.

God Bless, dreams are within our reach if only we are willing to pursue them.


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