Mans Best Friend

This is about my dog “Rusty”, he is a purebred chihuahua.  He is my best friend, and he is five years old.  He’s not just another dog, oh! no! he’s very smart and inquisitive.  To start off I am going to tell you why I got him.

I was living in Richmond, Virginia at the time.  Breaking it off with a long time relationship, I was fed up with men relationships for awhile.  I wasn’t really lonely since I was working two jobs.  You may ask why, if I wasn’t at home a lot, would I ever consider getting a pet?  Well, I lived in an area of Richmond in a building that use to be a motel which was converted into one room apartments with a bathroom and closet and free cable.  I didn’t need a huge apartment because I was never home.  So this fit me, just right.

All my growing up years I was surrounded with pets, mostly cats and dogs and a hamster – now my hamster is another story, he was crazy!  So, you can undertand once you have been around animals as long as I have you crave them.  They are apart of my family and always will be.

My middle daughter had a pomeranian that I had bought for her when she was a teenager.  She had called me to ask me if I wanted to take her dog since her new husband didn’t like her dog.  She had this dog almost 7 years at the time and I couldn’t see her giving him away to just anyone.  He was so attached to her, so much so that when she would go somewhere he would accept anyone who was around him at the time.  As soon as she came back home, he would rush to greet her and you became chopped liver!  He was her baby and he adored her.  I told her I would take him and she seemed happy with that.  I called her a couple of weeks later to ask her when she wanted me to take him and she told me she had decided she just couldn’t part with him.  I had already accepted that he would come live with me and when she changed her mind I was devastated.  I started thinking that maybe it was time for me to get a dog!

I had picked up a newspaper on my way home from my first job to check out adds on puppies.  I found two adds that attracted my attention, so I called the first one and all the puppies had already been sold.  I called about the second add, I talked to this man named Rusty.  It turned out he had an accident which left him without the use of his lower extremities.  He explained to me that he would never even think about selling the puppies if it weren’t for him needing the money so bad.  I told him I wanted a male and he said he had two males left.  He lived quite aways from me, but we agreed to meet halfway at a McDonalds parking lot.  I didn’t know this man so I brought my daughter along with me.

We waited quite a while for him to show up, but he finally did.  Pulling his truck up next to my jeep I noticed his son was with him.  My daughter and I oooo’d and awwww’d over these two puppies.  They were six weeks old and so cute, but very shy.  In case you did not know, chihuahuas are burrowers, they like to be under blankets, burrowed in anything they can burrow into.  So, these two puppies were peaking there little noses out from under his jacket sleeves!  It was such a precious site, I should of taken a picture.  We had to decide which one to get, and it was a hard decision, since my daughter wanted the other one!  I talked her out of getting one since I would most likely be the one to pay for it!

So, now we were headed back home with my new little one, I told the man who sold him to me that I was going to name him “Rusty” after him.  My daughter was dressed in her work clothes because she was scheduled to work that night.  My precious little one, unbeknownst to either one of us gets car sick!  Yup! my poor daughter was a mess by the time we got back home.  He eventually, as he grew up, grew out of that car sickness thing, thank goodness.

Rusty like my daughters pomeranian is a one person dog, very protective of me and that, I think, is a good thing.  He would stay in the big bathroom which had puppy paper down on the floor for him, his food and water, while I was working.  When I would come home, all the puppy paper would be torn up and the bathroom floor would always need to be mopped.  As he grew older, there would be no little poop to clean up and he was finally housebroken.  I would always praise him….he was the best dog.  One day I was getting my laundry ready to take up to the laundry mat and I heard what sounded like water running.  I went into the bathroom and there was my Rusty……..peeing over the drain.  In these apartments there were drains on the bathroom floors.  What these drains were for, I don’t know.  But, wow! what a smart pup!

He never had any accidents, he has always been there for me.  If I am down, he seems to know it, and won’t leave my side.  He is the best friend I have ever had, dog wise I mean.

They have all kinds of holidays for people, but why can’t there be a pet holiday where they are recognized.  I always celebrate his birthday which is right around Christmas time.  I love him with all my heart, and he loves me unconditionally.

I know there are a lot of cats and dogs in animal shelters who need homes too, and sometimes I feel guilty that I did not go to the animal shelter first.  But, I will never regret getting him.



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