February 9, 2016

Today our President submitted to congress his final annual budget to Congress.  This budget is thought to be a loud and clear call for Democratic progressivisim by taxing big banks forcing them to make huge investments in our educational infrastructure, clean energy, and Medicaid.  All of the Republicans in congress did not want to listen to his budget proposal.   For upwards of ninety five years our Presidents have been required to submit this to the house.  Apparently this year Congress didn’t even schedule a hearing for it.  Because, in my opinion the President does not want to make any concessions.

What can be done to make them all work as a team?  The only thing that works in any venture is team work no matter what it is.  I am personally disgusted about hearing this today.  Weeks ago when the President vetoed a bill that would of defunded Planned Parenthood and repealed Obamacare, Congress voted to overturn his veto.  In my opinion most American’s are not in support of abortion unless for severe medical reasons that would put the mothers life at risk.  Congress was supporting most American’s views on Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

I was an adopted child back in the 1950’s from Germany.  If my birth mother had chosen abortion over adoption for me, then there wouldn’t of been any potential for me or my children or grandchildren.  I had a future to offer my adopted country and I have contributed to my country, my children and grandchildren.    This is not a bipartisan issue at all, it should be the right of the unborn child.  To protect their right since they can not do it for themselves.

Now, it is my understanding that Congress works for the people.  That would mean that the majority of the people do not want Planned Parenthood or the Obamacare, as it stands now.  President Obama does not want to work with Congress.  He wants to basically bypass congress (he is more dangerous to this country with that pen of his, signing his executive orders then guns ever were).  If they call what the President is doing a progressive platform, I think they are crazy.

It is the house’s responsibility to speak for the people and President Obama doesn’t want to listen to any of it, not the other way around.  That is why I am writing this blog today to ask each and everyone to write their congressman, stay in touch with what is happening in our government when bills are being passed. Only we the people can save America from tyranny.

It also upsets me to no end, that our country is struggling with employment.  Truth is our employment is not getting any better.  When the news tells you it is, that is a lie and the government knows this.   I just read where Ford is opening a new manufacturing plant in Mexico, where jobs can be created.  Great!  This gives Mexico jobs!  Hardly any manufacturing companies are left in the United States anymore which makes us a service oriented country.

As far as immigration goes, we can not take another 20,000 this year and over 200,000 in the next two years onto our welfare rolls.  Oh, and don’t forget, if they have three wives, all of them will get welfare.  We are obligated to take care of our own first.  Has our President lost his mind or does he have some plan to destructure our country?  I have talked about Agenda 21 in a previous blog.  All UN members signed it.  It is now called Agenda 2030.  If you have time, I urge you to look up what it is and what it will eventually do to the world.  This is what former President Bush was referring to, when in his inaugural address he used the phrase “New World Order”.  It is available in PDF online.

Another thing has come to my attention:  Our Arizona Senators, Jeff Flake and Andrew McCain put a provision into a must pass military funding bill that gave away holy Apache land to an Australian-British mining Company.  This mining company is turning it into a 1,000 foot deep crater!  This is the first time in the history of the United States of America that sacred land has been handed over to a  foreign owned corporation.  How could this ever be allowed to happen?

If this makes you as angry as it has made me, then we are in the same boat!




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