Our Military Veterans

February 24, 2016

Our military veterans deserve our respect and our admiration for their service in our United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Airforce, Special Forces.   We are still a very powerful nation because of them.  By remembering those who have died for our country and taking care of them when they return should be a given.  They are all heros and have served us well.  They need our help and we can not afford to look away from them, this is an abomination to our country to not do everything to help them in anything they need.

I do not like seeing our veterans homeless when they return.  Why is this happening?  How do we change it?  These are questions I am trying to find answers to:

Why they are homeless

Many homeless veterans can not find affordable housing, they lack good medical care, and a lot of them have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) which is a severe brain injury.

Remembering back to the end of World War II, veterans were given affordable housing, whereby homes were built for them that they could afford.  The government gave billions of dollars to returning veterans.  The government used this money to retrain veterans so they could integrate among the public in jobs.  They helped them to become homeowners.  Some of this returning veterans today do not have family support, this is a sad growing problem.

While our government recognized that they had a problem, they worked to help these veterans on a national level.  In Kannapolis, North Carolina a man named Charles A. Cannon and his representatives visited a building company which said they could build small homes (4 rooms pre-fabricated).  They decided to build 2 samples to see if this would attract buyers.  On December 2, 1945 they featured a picture of the first two small homes.  This overwhelming desire for these homes proved a need.  C A Cannon approved that they would build 50 of these homes and they were affordable and caught on.  These became the first affordable housing for veterans returning from the war.

People recognized there was a problem for returning vets to find housing, as many of them moved in with their families.  In mid-February 1946 the Daily Independent began to help veterans and their families find affordable housing by listing housing free in their newspaper.  Eventually some 100 families had found affordable housing through this newspaper.File_000 (7)

woundedwarriorhomes.org is helping our veterans with housing, and they should definitely be commended on their stance to end homelessness for Veterans today.  voa.org (Volunteers of America) also helps veterans and their families make transitioning possible.  These are just two that are helping, God Bless all that are trying to help them.

How to change the homeless problem our veterans are facing

If you have time get involved whether it is volunteering your services in the way of helping to build a home for a veteran and his family.  Volunteering medical services to help them with PTSD, they need your help!  I know we have veterans hospitals, but these are overcrowded and do not see veterans the day they need to be seen.  We have all read about the care that these vets get at some of our veterans hospitals, it definitely is lacking in the care of these men and women.

Ask yourself this question:  If you saw a homeless vet today on the street, what would you do to help them?


We need to take care of our veterans first, then take care of the refugees.


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