Donald Trump

February 29, 2016

American people want Donald Trump to be our next president, it is very evident given the polls.  The media on the other hand do not give him the coverage or good press that they should give him since they seem to be bought by politically biased Koch brothers and others.  I have seen many elections in my years of living and never before have I seen such a revolution forming for Trump.  His rallies are large, very large! people are fed up with the corruption and tearing down of our country, they want a big change, and that is what Donald J. Trump is promising to give them.  He is sacrificing a great deal of his life for a very hard position as President, he does this for the love of his country and the American people, not for political gain or self gratification.  He is tired of seeing his America being lowered to a third world country in all actualization.  If it keeps up on this downward spiral we will become a third world country!  We need to wake up to what is happening.

His position on illegals is strong, he believes that Americans should come first, and this is rightfully so.  Our veterans issues are of importance to him, we owe it to them to have housing, good health care.  He stands strong on eliminating sanctuary cities, where illegals and criminals can hide.  There are over 300 counties, cities, states that are considered sanctuary cities, and this is quite troubling.  He  wants China trade reform to protect and advance Americas interest and challenge China to live up to its obligations.  Most of our manufacturing jobs are all moving overseas, this is not helping to keep Americans employed or improving our economic future.  He wants to bring these jobs back to America, makes sense to me!  One position he is very strong about is that 2nd amendment which is the right to bear arms and protect yourself and your family, for more information.

I have watched Ted Cruz flip/flop on a great deal of his positions.  He is a politician that I do not trust.  I looked up the definition of a politician and was shocked at what it said.  “a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.”  Wow, now that hits the nail right on the head!  I also just learned that he is considering dropping out of the race if he could be nominated for SCOTUS.  We will see what transpires here, I am sure in the coming days.

Right now I can see many Americans wanting a fresh new start for American values, economy, and tackling the huge debt our country is facing since Obama’s presidency.  I was very interested in learning that our $16 trillion dollar debt, since Obama’s presidency, came about by the Federal Reserve lending money to banks, foreign and domestic with no interest!  This occurred from 2007 – 2010, .  These countries where the money went should be held accountable to pay back the monies lent to them!  Why should America be responsible for this incurred debt?  This is absolutely crazy!

Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 4.48.48 AM

Now, Hillary Clinton is another story, as we all know about what really happened in Benghazi.  We have relatives of the ones killed who have told us that she lied to them!  That is all I needed to hear, I trust the relatives and am appalled at what transpired in Benghazi with the stand down orders.  That on top of her whitewater scandal, her ability to lie to us and she actually believes that what she is saying is truth.  How she handled email when she was Secretary of State is not believable of someone that was a lawyer, but it happened!  I don’t want her as my President!

Marco Rubio is not experienced enough to be president, period.  He has missed over 43% of votes since becoming senator.  How he has remained a senator, makes no sense to me.

In closing, I am voting for Trump, I don’t think we need another politician in the presidential office, carrying on corruption and more corruption.


One thought on “Donald Trump

  1. What an amazing article! Truely a huge thing. I think a lot of people need to become more aware of the problems in this country. We have a lot of problems. We need to take care of these problems.

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