Twitter Woes and Worries

Twitter is censoring peeps tweets and more.  People are complaining that their tweets are not showing up in twitter feed, or worse, they can’t tweet at all.  I believe twitter does have a number of tweets per day that you can have, if I remember correctly its 2,400 broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals, and that counts retweets you make.  If this is not the problem and it is ruled out then maybe it is some type of glitch… thinks, ITS NOT!  Censoring does not seem like an American way of life, but it is happening whether you have to be politically correct or say nothing at all.  Times are changing and so is America.  Happy Tweeting!!!!

Further information for help:

When I am having problems retweeting, a simple deletion and reinstalling the app has helped me.  Maybe the cache is messing up everything, I am not sure, but I know it at least helps with keeping an iphone clean and working to its optimal level, and saves a lot of space!

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