Loopholes in Election 2016 for Illegal Immigrants

Loopholes in Election 2016 for Illegal Immigrants

Obama has created such major loopholes to allow illegal aliens with temporary deportation amnesty  also known as “deferred action” to vote in our upcoming election.  If they have social security numbers and drivers license numbers, this makes it very easy for them to register without being caught.  It is still illegal to vote if they are not citizens.

Both secretaries of state from Ohio and Kansas have said they do not have the proper vetting to sniff out illegal voters!  This is a major problem here, was this an intentional thought by Obama when granting temporary deportation amnesty?  Social Security numbers are a very important gate keeping process in  the United States, giving citizens the right to work, vote, live in the United States.  Supposedly, an individual would not be granted a social security number if they do not have sufficient documentation, and the Department of Homeland Security is not able to verify the person’s authorization/immigration status.  The federal government offers voter registration cards which don’t require proof of citizenship and circumvents checks for illegal immigrants, this is a way they can get around states requirements.

Since the Obama administration has declared certain illegals temporary deportation amnesty, they are here legally as long as the program exists.  As of 2014 there are at least 639,000 illegals who have social security numbers and drivers licenses.  This is the loophole Obama has created and so far is not coming to a halt.  So, whether the upcoming election is a fair one remains to be seen.  Since the open door policy is still in effect, and many more illegals are coming across our borders, who really knows what the actual number of illegals there is to date.  This definitely gives one something to ponder!


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