One Last Chance

All of our Presidents that were elected to serve as President of the United States of America, served previously in our Senate or Congress, or had been a lawyer, cabinet secretary or secretary of state, or served in the military.  This was a precedent then and still is.  This however, does not necessarily say a lot about how America trusts certain people to lead.

President Reagan was a good leader with no background as a career politician.  He was very much interested in politics and loved his country.   He completed fourteen  home-study Army Extension Courses and then in April, 1937 he enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserve.  He did attend Eureka college in 1928, located in Eureka, Illinois.  He enjoyed debating when he was in school.  When he graduated he took a job in radio sportscasting, and the rest we all know is history since he was an actor.

When Ronald Reagan became president, he wanted to reduce the size of government, reduce taxes, take a strong stand against communism around the world, and renew American patriotism.  He was not a lawyer, just a normal man that loved acting and politics.  He was one of our greatest heroes that was against communism and stood up for the common man.  This president was very famous for telling Mikhail Gorbachev, then the leader of Russia, to “tear down that wall” They were talking about the wall that separated West Germany from East Germany.  A wall which was constructed after World War II.  This wall separated families for generations.

Now we are faced with a most inspiring man, one of great vision for our country.  His name is Donald J Trump.  He wants patriotism and sovereignty restored to this great nation, among other changes which would make America the country she once was.   Mr. Trump has built a great empire himself, in his businesses which have employed a great many people.  He has two years college education from Fordham University in New York and then he transferred to Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, graduating in 1968.

President Reagan counted on his advisers to help him govern and Mr. Trump, if he is nominated, I am sure, will have the best advisers around him.  When you look at another very well know president, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  He was a self-taught lawyer, imagine that!  Have we forgotten?  He was a great president who is famous for abolishing slavery.  Never had a college education, never had a classroom education of any kind.  He was an avid reader and read anytime he could get his hands on books from traveling teachers.  The most schooling total that he ever received was twelve months.  Everyone will say he was a very intelligent man, including his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

Here we have two presidents, Reagan and Lincoln, very well known for their service to this country.  A very well respected businessman, Donald Trump who is well known for his beautiful buildings all over the United States.  The leadership, somehow just born in each of them.  A good leader is not necessarily measured by what he has accomplished, but by what he has helped others accomplish, to help those that are not doing well, and to help those that are doing well to do even better.  This to me is what a great leader is and has to be as President of the United States.

Donald Trump has said he wants to be President to help the United States, he wouldn’t even except payment for his service to the government.  He truly does love his country and wants to try and turn around what now is seven years of complete lunacy.  To see us solvent again, people of all ages and races working.  Attending churches, loving and embracing human beings, coming together as one nation, undivided!  Lets give him a chance!  Whats in there right now is not working and God knows we are on the brink of disaster if this keeps up with the same establishment.  This is America’s last chance!

Thank you for reading



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