Donald Trump Would Be Good For Our Country

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Beautiful Trump Family

For me it’s not hard to decide what direction I want our country to go in after the upcoming election in November, 2016.  I want a country where we have strong border control, any country that wants to remain a leader in the free world must have borders.  We need to know who is in our country, and what is their purpose for coming here.  Refugees that are fleeing war torn countries have been welcomed in the past.  We knew who they were, they had papers, and we made sure they were checked out for any security concerns.  It seems now-a-days if you want a government job, it is harder to obtain versus wanting to enter the U.S.A., intent on staying.  Clearances for government positions take longer and are more thorough than if you are entering the country as a refugee.  In the past we have not taken refugees either because the economy was already struggling or there was just to many of them.  We can not be the saving grace for the whole world.  A world without borders is endangering those that live within its borders.  This has been true from the beginning of time.  Our country was founded on freedoms that other countries do not have, and our constitution protects its people from being ruled like kingdoms.  Our founding fathers wanted the people to have a say in how the country should be run.  The government worked for us and they listened to the States leaders before proceeding to make laws or change laws or introduce new bills.  Laws that are made lately are not helping our citizens, only padding the pockets of those elected, in their best interests.

The immigration/refugee subject is an important issue in this election.  Being conscientious about who enters the USA is neither racist nor wrong.  Mexico for many years has abused our economy by encouraging their people to come here for Americans jobs.  This should not be a right, they are not citizens, and for many years they did not pay into social security or taxes.  It is not racist to have a border between Mexico and the US.  We need to save what jobs we have left for the Americans that are here now.  With jobs being outsourced and more and more people coming into the country illegally, we are becoming a nation on welfare!  Wow, isn’t that what basically Bernie Sanders wants us to keep on doing?  Hey, that is not working now and it still will not work in the future.  So, I have X’d out Sanders right off the bat, that wasn’t hard.  When I was growing up my parents use to tell me, “you never really get anything for free”, they were right!  and what about this one, “if you don’t take care of yourself first (financially), you will never be able to help someone else”.  Both of these quotes seem very basic, but they make sense.  We need more common sense in our countries leaders.  Now take the quotes and apply it to what we are doing with this country, with a 19 trillion dollar debt, many people (including millenials coming out of college) and others, some already in their 70’s and still working to support their adult children who can not find jobs right after coming out of college.  So, if the 70 somethings are still working, and they increase the age for social security, more jobs will not be available for younger people.  This whole system is a mess!

Why you ask is social security running out of money?  Simply put, the government has robbed social security for many years because they can’t balance a budget worth $#@%.  They, the government has compounded all of this mess until we can not see a way out.  Things need to change, in a very big, mega way and I think Donald Trump would head us in the right direction, helping tremendously in bringing the national debt down and spending within our governments means.  We need to help ourselves first!

Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not the answer to this big problem facing our country today which is the refugee problem and the national debt.  Hillary definitely wants to continue with business as usual (same as OBAMA), Ted Cruz supports TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and TPA (Trade Promotion Authority), irregardless of what he says, he did support it and even stated they were separate agreements.  Nope, they are not, one is just fast-tracking the process (TPA).  So there he lied again, he knows what both of them are.  When Ted Cruz saw how much support Trump was getting that is when he was told to switch up on his positions.  But if Cruz did become President, as much as he has lied to the public, he would fall back on his old positions because he is being backed by SuperPacs, one of which is Soros.  If anyone does not know who Soros is:  He is a Nazi War criminal which has escaped prosecution, he was in on the New World Order and Agenda 2030 process that leaders attended at the UN.  In all actuality its not Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders who would be President, but their leaders, SuperPacs, lobbyists telling them what to do.  Where money and greed breed so does control, and this is nothing I want for my children and grandchildren.  Less government not more is better, keeping things more simpler.  I want a bright future for my descendents not something that this country never ever stood for, not little by little becoming citizens of the world, our founding fathers tried to keep this from happening.

The lies we have been told about our economy recovering since 2008 and that our jobs were increasing.  How can jobs increase when we have so many illegals and refugees that have entered a country and took American jobs or are in our welfare system, not to mention the overwhelming number of jobs that were outsourced.  This is all greed, the wealthy looking after themselves, forget the unfortunate people that have given up even looking for a job after years of not being able to find one.  This country is in serious trouble, and we need a proven leader, the only one is Donald J. Trump.  He has built a vast business that is doing incredibly well, he has employed many people of various ethnic backgrounds, he is not a racist, I am getting so sick and tired of hearing this.  Many people who know him well have attested that he is not a racist and it is a fact that he has employed many women at high level positions.  He pays women and men according to their experience, there is no special treatment for either.



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