Morgan Freeman; No He Didn’t Just Say That!

Morgan Freeman; No He Didn’t Just Say That!

Morgan Freeman is a brilliant man, a fantastic narrator and actor.  I loved his movies like: Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, The Bucket List, Glory, Batman Begins, Unforgiven just to name a few.  His talent just abounds, and every time a movie comes out if it has Morgan Freeman in it, well, then its just a must watch movie for me.  I have never come away disappointed with any of his performances.

He is a known as an agnostic, for if he is asked about his religion and God, he will tell you “religion exists in the mind”.  He is not a “man of God”, but rather “a man of faith”.  But his views on Islam are a little upsetting to me.  He said on National Geographic’s, “The Story of God” that Islam aims for peace.  As brilliant as he is, I can not believe he said this.  This is where people are getting the wrong idea about the Islamic religion.  For at least 1,500 years the Muslims in the middle east have killed Christians, Jews, anyone not believing as they do, even before the first crusade.  Some people will tell you that during the crusades that was the time Christians and Islam first met.  This is absolutely false.  I have also heard people say, “but both Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, they just have different names”.  This is absolutely false.  The conquests that the Islamist’s made were called “Holy Wars” denoting religion as a basis.  A recent U.S. News article proclaimed that the Crusades was the first “Holy War”, completely untrue.  After Mohammed’s death in 632, they formed the new caliphate.  Abu Bakr launched Islam into the most horrible, bloody wars that continued for 1,500 years.  Their goals were conquest, subjugation of others throughout invasion and war.  This is what they believed in then and they continue to believe in now.  In mass numbers they will be able to again conquer and rule.

The Muslims have their Koran, Christians have their Bible.  There is nothing in the Bible that tells man to kill, mangle, mutilate fellow human beings for not believing in the christian way.  But, the Koran tells the Muslims to do these horrific  things.  The first question in my mind is, have these people read the Koran to see for themselves that this is anything but a peaceful religion.  I believe they might be peaceful if everyone follows their religion without questioning any of their practices.

Throughout history their conquests were made for religious belief and one form of government and ONE RELIGION.  History always, always repeats itself if the lessons were not learned in the beginning.

I can not understand why learned men and women can stand before us and say Islam is a peaceful religion, when History tells us different.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this.

I still love watching Morgan Freeman in his movies, but like many others like him that believes Islam is a peaceful religion – I don’t because history tells me it is not.



One thought on “Morgan Freeman; No He Didn’t Just Say That!

  1. I have long been tired of some of the drivel that comes out of morgan freeman’s mouth. Believe me this is just one example of his lefty attitude. All I can do is boycott ANYTHING that he does, but that’s exactly what I do; I will NEVER spend a penny on any thing he does. Thanks for your thoughts I loved it.

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