Big Change is Coming to the USA if we don’t speak out NOW

Change normally is a good thing but not what our “elite establishment” has been planning for us since 1992.  Leaders that belong to the United Nations (UN), have come up with what was called Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030.  Climate change and all the rhetoric that they are touting now a-days is all leading up to this big change.  They are trying to schmooze the American citizens that if these changes are not accepted we are going to be in a down-ward spiral.

Depopulation of the earth is just one of the adjustments that will be accomplished by this agenda, down from 6-7 billion to a manageable level of 500 million to 2 billion.  How are they going to accomplish that you ask?  War always has a way of depopulation, spreading of infectious diseases, and finally famine and hunger.  Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) camps are being built as I write this.  One such camp officially opened in Arizona and they have planned for 12 to be up and functional by September, 2016.  These are camps that would house people to protect them from famine if there is a catastrophic  event.  We know from hurricane Katrina, that death and management of who lives and dies would become the central organizing principal, unlike concentration camps? We have been told that there are some infectious diseases that can not be curtailed with antibiotics.  One such case that I read about yesterday was gonorrhea.  We now have zika virus which is in our southernmost states where it is very humid.  Last year we had ebola in our country and luckily through many patriots contacting the president with their fears of this disease, he made sure people from infected countries were monitored very closely when they returned to the states.

With the influx of illegal refugees who are able to get our health care, food stamps, spending money and housing, we are being stretched further and further into financial instability.  If our national debt keeps increasing the bubble will soon burst.  Exactly when this will happen, I say soon!  With so many people out of work and already on welfare, also burdened by illegals, all of these people would end up in a FEMA camp.  Senior citizens that are on social security/pensions will also end up in a FEMA camp.  If the bubble bursts, banks as well as the government will have no money.  This is a fact!  A Wells Fargo employee has leaked out a drill that they conducted (in case of an emergency they were told), only letting 3 people in at a time into the bank.  They were also told there would be armed guards stationed at the banks.  All of this is a warning of things to come.

FEMA Camp in Arizona

Survival preppers, ones that make the freeze dried food have repeatedly said they have been contacted by government sources asking to buy out their lots.  Why, you ask yourself?  Not hard to surmise they are preparing for some sort of disaster.  When that financial bubble bursts there will probably be stealing in stores for food, riots, complete and utter breakdown of society as we know it.  This would also become a reason for the FEMA camp, to house overwhelming numbers of criminals, non-compliance people, people deemed to be a danger to the New World Order.

This new agenda would let the government control all land and water usage byd private property citizens.  Apparently, we are not doing a good job in the management of our land or water.  They would even go as far as putting meters on all drilled water wells on private property.  Yup, that is a big heads up to me, your land is not really your land anymore.  Below is all the supposed “forbidden zones” you or your family would never have access to.  The red dots are forbidden, the yellow dots represent highly regulated areas.  All of this coming out of the UN Wildlands Project, chapter 15 of the initial Agenda 21.  The green areas are for living in?  Yup, doesn’t look like to much space to me.  Many states have come onboard to sustainability, this to me is a buzz word, something to check out where you live.

Simulated Reserve and Corridor System to Protect Biodiversity

In Naperville, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago, has started a smart grid initiative which requires smart meters to be installed in every home.  People have been fighting this initiative.  If you do not comply with this, you are arrested.  Other states like California have an opt out of this initiative which costs the homeowner as high as $108.00 depending on what state, and then there is a monthly charge.  Some states participating in this:  California, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon.  Probably coming to a town/city near you soon.

This change will not only happen here in our part of the world, but all around the world.  I always grew up thinking water and air are free.  We use to go to the mountains where there were spring spigots, you could fill up gallon jugs with this clean, cool water that came from a spring.  I don’t think they exist anymore, sad!

I am all for clean air and water, but lets be clear, their Agenda 21 is a little over-board as far as I am concerned.  If you like my blog, please leave a comment below, together we can keep on top of what the elite-establishment is planning.


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