To All People Voting for Donald Trump

Just because Donald Trump was called the presumptive nominee for the Republican party that does not mean that you do not have to still get out and vote for Mr. Trump if you have not yet voted in the primaries.  Ted Cruz who suspended his campaign is still rounding up delegates, he is hoping that Trump voters will just assume they don’t have to go to the polls and vote for their candidate (Mr. Trump).  YOU still have to get out and vote, Mr. Trump still needs to get that magic number 1237!

Of all the low down tricks that the Republican party and Renise Prebius have pulled, this is the lowest.  They don’t want him to become president because of his view on “AMERICA FIRST”.  There is nothing wrong about putting Americans before refugees, illegals, better health care…the list goes on.  Why would American’s not want a candidate that wants to put Americans First?

So, let’s get out there and show the elite establishment what we are made of, and save our floundering country.  Personally, I can’s take another 4-8 years of leading the country like Obama has.  That is why the establishment wants Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton to win.  We need change that is in a good way, and tells the elite, NEW WORLD ORDER that we love our sovereignty, we need our borders, we need to feel safe from refugees that they cannot vet properly.  There is no way to vet Syrian Refugees, and the FBI, CIA know this and have warned congress.  There are no records kept like we have or Europe has, these are third world countries that do not keep records like the United States.  Germany will never be the same, and it is to late for them now.

Please spread the news that people still need to vote.  Thank you

2 thoughts on “To All People Voting for Donald Trump

  1. I agree 100% with your words. America should be first. As a parent you have to take care of yourself first to be there for your family. Our Govt needs to take care of their problems so they can be healthy enough to take care of our needs. We don’t need to be a nanny state, just need to be solvent and open to the peoples needs, not everyone else’s.

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  2. I hope all who read this will check out the book The Bilderbergers – and learn who is really running the country, and this is even more reason why we need Mr. Trump! That book will change your life and wake you up to why things are changing and you won’t let them change to hurt you any more!

    (I’m posting my email address etc., but please, it’s a work email, I hope no one spams me. Thank you).

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