Lets not Panic, Just be Prepared

News has been circulating in regards to the FED’s raising the interest rates again in June, 2016.  They are saying that the economy and employment are increasing.  Every time the FED raises rates this causes a huge impact on our economy and globally as well.

President Obama has made it easier for borrowers with somewhat bad credit to again get loans that they otherwise would never have been able to get.  Underwriting at banks have become less stringent.  These borrowers have debt/to income ratios that are steadily creeping higher.  Sounds a little like what happened around 2008 when everything came crashing down.  This will happen again, but this time it will be different.

We of course are in the middle of electing a new President of the United States of America.  It is well known that the Democrats/establishment do not want Donald J. Trump for President, as it would change the agenda, policies on trade, relationships with foreign governments just to name a few.  Are they so hell bent on messing with the election, causing maybe a third party to run?  That has been suggested, only time will tell what will actually happen.  But, to put it simply, they are doing everything they can to keep the Republican candidate at bay.  So far, it’s not working, because Mr. Trump has had overwhelming numbers of voters getting out there and showing the establishment exactly what changes we want made. The  majority of these voters want him to lead our country out of the abyss.  Most American’s are very upset/angry with where our country is right now.  With so many issues concerning Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama coming to light, such as arms sales to ISIS, yes our own government, State Department have directed arms through Mexico destined for jihadists in Libya and Syria.  The rise of ISIS was caused by the West!

The globalist ideology goes way back, some policies starting in Carter’s  administration, most being implemented during the Bush administration. These documents have already been signed between the United Nations and leaders of nations.  I do not think that the Democrats want to let go of this ideology and would do anything to stop it.

This is why I bring up the rising of interest rates by the FEDs.  We have a national debt that is over 19 trillion, some of which was totally mismanaged.  By this for an example:  Did you know that Obama used $770 million of your tax dollars to renovate  mosques outside of the USA?  Some of those policies started with the Bush and Clinton administration.  Now, while hard working Americans are slaving everyday to put food on the table, we apparently have enough money to take care of other countries!  This to me is absurd and obtuse.  Its in the likening of a family they can barely pay their rent or food bill, but yet go to the movies every other night!  Don’t have enough to pay the rent the next month, but, hey, oh well!!!

With the 19 trillion dollar debt we have what is known as a big financial bubble that eventually has to burst!  I think by raising the interest, this is the first indicator  of that bubble bursting eventually.  Take this and add more families accumulating more debt that they may not be able to pay back, since they did not have good credit to begin with.  We have a major problem in the making.  It will be another financial collapse, but much worse then Greece or what happened in 2008.  I don’t need to show you graphs, just common sense tells us this will happen.  Add on the number of refugees and migrants that are coming into the country, and will continue to do so as long as Obama is in office.  The refugees that are coming here to the US are eligible for food stamps, health care, welfare and social security disability.  This is adding to the problem.  Doesn’t make sense does it?  Think about why are they doing this?

The US government has taken 260K  guns from veterans as of March, 2016.  Social Security is to start taking gun rights away from more veterans just because they served in the US Military.  Their thinking is that they are mentally not well!  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, I guess.  Under the constitution, men have rights to pick up and bare arms against a tyrannical government.  Who would most likely protect US citizens if there was an uprising?  The ones that they just took the guns away from.

Loretta Lynch has said many times that “Patriots” “Militias” are in all reality terrorists.  No, they are not, they are there in place to protect US citizens, and believe me, you would be glad they are there.  The establishment is stopping at nothing to take away our defenses, our constitutional rights as Americans.  But, think, why are they doing this?  Mr. Trump sees what the establishment is planning and is trying his hardest to get elected to stop this aggressive behavior of the establishment.  How many of us even knew about what our country had planned for us in the way of globalism?  To many of you reading this, it might be the first you have heard of it.  There is a PDF copy on-line of Agenda 2030 if you want to make a copy of it.

If the economic bubble bursts, which it has to do at some time, just a matter of fact!  Your money, you will not be able to get!  With money you have a roof over your head, food on the table, the most common place elements of life.  Without money there will be rioting, pillaging of stores for food, medicine, etc…  The government can’t have that, so what is next?  If you guessed it correctly, it is martial law, imposed by Barrack Obama.  Under martial law, everything….food, clothing, housing, water…I mean everything is controlled by the government.  Can’t pay your mortgage or rent?  Well, the government has you covered there, welcome to Federal Emergency Management or better known as FEMA.  While under martial law, there are no elections either.  Would Obama lead this country into an abyss just to keep his Agenda 2030 with the United Nations?  You decide

I am writing this not to scare anyone, just please be prepared, there are a number of preppers on-line, who will help you decide food management, and where you would/could be safe to live without having to live in a FEMA camp.

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