What is Happening to America – just my thoughts

The election of 2016 is one in which I think will definitely go down in history.  A turning point, hopefully for the good of our country.  In trying to trace exactly how our country has resolved into  becoming so corrupt is an enigma to me.  With corruption comes power, this is the indisputable clue to look for since our government was not founded on corruption, but a government that was suppose to be for the people, by the people.

When I took a look at previous presidents, I was trying to decide where exactly it became corrupt.  Understanding of course that no president is perfect, they are human and make mistakes.  When decisions are made that are invariably un-american, make no mistake, this is not a mistake.  Little by little we started to lose our sovereignty through treaties that were signed with the United Nations (UN).  Most Americans were not aware of the treaties, so it is to surmise these were signed behind closed doors.

John F Kennedy tried to warn the country that our first amendment was coming under attack in a special news conference he held with the press, asking the press to keep the American people informed on policies and let the people draw their own conclusions as a democracy.  He stated that the press were records of men’s deeds both good and bad.  President Kennedy wanted our country to keep our freedom of the press with no bias.  This is what a democracy is all about.  To change this, he warns would be the start of a secret society, one that is intent on misdeeds, otherwise why should the press be censored.   youtube.com/watch?v=y8HTr-F-FVM <speech given to the press by President Kennedy

When Lobbyists take the law making decisions out of the hands of the people:

Lobbying in the United States is legal as long as a bribe is not uncovered.  Many people feel lobbying should be illegal.  It will never become illegal since that would be restricting freedom of speech.  Lobbyists then are what mold and shape our government.  When the Constitution was written it was suppose to solve the problem of special interests.  But, lobbying actually takes the government out of the hands of the people.  Our political structure has become an oligarchy.  So, this is part of the problem, but how do we solve it?  We elect a president that has the save views as the people and wants to maintain a patriotic view of our country, and its values.

How many of you reading this knew about the New World Order?  Some who did know were told “oh, that’s a conspiracy theory”.  Well, not so much as we are approaching final stages of the New World Order.  So, the secret society that Kennedy had warned us about were in charge, and they did get away with it.  The Masonic Masons, the Vatican, United Nations, former Presidents….all who knew and accepted a globalized government and religion.

When President Lyndon B Johnson took the reigns he wanted to make America into a creative federalism.  The Constitutions principals of federalism would be overridden.  He called our new society “the Great Society” to rebuild the entire United States.  Taking to task education, and the environment, to bring about change of political and spiritual changes to benefit and bring about an end to poverty.  This would take approximately 40 years to complete…Okay, so this is where a new idea of a new and better government started, after the death of President Kennedy.

We were then moving towards what we call today a New World Order, they hide all the truth from us by not really explaining what these changes would mean, and did the press tell us what it was all about?  The only way we have to stay in touch with what our government is doing is for the press to report to us, inform us.  If the press was left out of that loop, then our government failed us.  When our government takes the stance that they know what is best for us, houston, we have a problem!

I have mentioned the Vatican in this piece only to draw attention to what most of you already know.  The Pontiff’s have always been involved in politics, this is nothing new.  The Pope and previous Pontiff’s were working with nations to move everyone into a New World Order, including spirituality (religion).  Well, I’m sorry, but I can make my own decision on what religion I want to follow, I don’t need my government telling me.  Why does the Pope get involved in politics, ask yourself that.  Only reason I can think of, it has everything to do with furthering his cause as it did centuries and centuries before.  The Cardinals and Bishops always had a roll in government politics when there were Kings and Queens involved.  The nobility accepted their knowledge and wisdom when policies were made for their kingdom.  No other religion except Islam has a role in how a government is to proceed, whether it be treaties or policy.  Which brings me to another revelation I have discovered, Catholicism created Islam, believe it or not.  Father Rivera has revealed it many times, but again it was not very publicized.  Its really all about how the Catholic church wants power over people and nations, nothing new.  These facts were uncovered in the Vatican archives by Pope Pius XII, and revealed to Father Rivera by the Pope.  The Vatican tried to discredit Rivera as much as possible since they did not want this information becoming public knowledge.  I would not be surprised, as our own government in not as transparent either.  The link if you would like to read it is:  revelation12.ca/?p=1992

If you would like to leave me comments, as always I welcome them.  But, please, no nasty comments for the above, I am only the messenger.  Thanks





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