Reasons not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

NOTE:  This blog was written at first when Hillary Clinton was being investigated for crimes, I have since changed some of the material since finding out that the FBI is not going to indict her.  But as far as I am concerned, she has tainted her election campaign forever….

I do not believe Hillary Clinton will be our next President because of the numerous scandals that have followed her and her husband throughout their careers. You have a number of persons who knew the Clinton’s that just happened to show up dead.  There is the Whitewater scandal, Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate, Pardongate, Benghazi, sexual scandals of which Hillary harassed, stalked and pretty much made the womens’ lives miserable by harassing, even stalking them.

Her Secret Service agents have gone on record saying that she was very hard to work for because of the way she treated them.  She was known for her ill temper towards them and the disrespect that she had for them when they were only trying to protect her.  When her husband was President she was known for having horrible fights with him where she would throw things and strike him.  This to me is just a spoiled brat that never learned to appreciate the gifts the lord has given her.  All this aside does not make for a good candidate that is able to handle the stress that will come with this position.  How would she react to a foreign diplomat that she has disagreements with?

It has been noted in one of the emails that were put out public that she takes naps frequently, and upon awakening is not coherent.  This may be tied to a clot that she had to have removed from behind her ear when she collapsed and hit her head, suffering a concussion.  It is also been stated that she has fainting spells and suffers from migraines and depression.  She has these horrible coughing spells where she can barely catch her breath and her voice is very  hoarse after these spells.  Radar Online has reported that sources close to Hillary say she has suffered minor strokes as well as she may have multiple sclerosis.  Her campaign I believe is really wearing her down.  How in the world could this woman run a country when she is definitely not well?

The ongoing criminal investigation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is engaged in will soon be wrapped up, (edited: woke up on July 5, 2016 to finding out the FBI will not prosecute) hopefully before the convention in July 25-28, 2016.  Hillary did face possible espionage and racketeering charges, which were high crimes, failure to safeguard state secrets, her position of Secretary of State to advance financially her husband’s charitable foundation.  Also, coming to light are funds she received from foreign donors.  It has been told that a hacker has accessed the Clinton Foundations records and the donors were listed.  The question is were any of these monies used for her campaign?  There are federal regulations that say no monies from foreign donors can be used for one’s campaign. It is my understanding that failure to safeguard state secrets is a crime in which the government need not prove any intent.  In this case it would be an admission of guilt not a denial.

Hillary herself has said that she would not be indicted.  Now, how would she know that she would not be indicted.  The FBI does not keep her abreast of how their investigation is going.  President Obama does not, nor can he not talk with the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Loretta Lynch about the ongoing investigation.  When President Obama said he does not think she will be indicted, this may be a fail safe reply from him.  What else is he suppose to say when he has already come out and supported her.

I did come across a Youtube video published on June 23, 2016 by Goodman who works with CNN that stated Bernie Sanders is going to the contested convention on July 25, 2016. So, this looks like its going to be a wild ride, hang on tight!  Since Hillary is always saying that this is just some sort of security review, and the FBI as well as President Obama has admitted that it is a criminal investigation.  Maybe she does not watch the news, maybe she really does not know since she is not well, I don’t know, this is very confusing.

This video just came out with new evidence you might want to watch and

After hearing on July 5, that there would not be a criminal indictment for Hillary Clinton, my heart sank.  Again, as far as I am concerned the Clinton Crime Family have skated away from what should of been a winning case for the FBI.  Hillary did away with so much evidence, that is clear, I stand with Donald Trump feeling the system is rigged.  Such a sad day for America, but there is always away to circumvent these happenings by not voting for Hillary.  I intend to show the establishment in November that I do not want a criminal in the White House.  Why she destroyed evidence only points down one avenue, its criminal intent all the way….Thoughts? please comment below:


4 thoughts on “Reasons not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

  1. Reading your post was like it was coming from my own head Jody, I have been thinking and feeling this way for quite some time. I really can’t see her as our president, she is out of touch and out of control, she will take us farther down the path that Obama’s been using since he came into the White House.
    I talk to people who say we are ready for our first woman president and that seems to be the only reason they want to vote for her. I have no problem with who our president is as long as they are competent and strong. A woman would be great. A woman like Sarah Palin who is strong and defiant would be a better choice. She has values and ideals that are in line with what our nation stands for.
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I love your blog and am still working to do better with my own. I’ll be watching for what’s next. See ya later Jody

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  2. I know they are not legally suppose to talk to each other about investigations. But I think that obama, lynch, comey and hillary all conspired and knew they would not indict her. That is why hillary kept saying with a smile, that she did nothing wrong. They just had to find the words to use that legally would not allow her to be charged, no matter what she did. Thanks for all the info.

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  3. Hilary is in bed with the FBI and CIA (they and their employees have interest in The Clinton Foundation. Obama put in place a crooked federal judge to make sure Clinton gets away with every evil thing she does.

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