Meet Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Hit Man

Some of you reading this may know Mr. Larry Nichols, but for those who do not know him, let me introduce you to him:

Mr. Nichols is a longtime work associate that worked with the Clinton’s in Arkansas for about ten years.  He worked hard on Bill’s campaign to get him elected to the Governor’s position in Arkansas.  Upon meeting Bill and getting to know him he is quoted as saying “he is a womanizer and pathological liar”.  He knew this about his employer and still he worked for him because the money was good.  Now Larry admits he has done things in the past he knows were wrong and could not live with himself without letting the public know what kind of people the Clinton’s really are.  Mr. Nichol’s has cancer and wants to clear his mind and soul by confessing something so horrific he has made numerous guest appearances on talk shows such as Alex Jones, Info Wars and The Pete Santilli   Show, Guerilla Media Network.

It is known that the Clinton’s have a long list of scandals that have followed them through their political careers.  Reasons not to Vote for Hillary Clinton  but the one huge piece of information that has not been talked about are the murders that were ordered by the Clinton’s.  There is evidence which has been supplied to us through none other than, Larry Nichols.  Now after watching this video, ask yourselves why isn’t anything legally being done to bring this out to the public and why are the Clinton’s not being prosecuted?  Sometimes things look so outrageous they are deemed hard to believe.  But when you have evidence of someone coming forward, putting their neck on the line to expose murders, that’s when I stop questioning the absurdity of the claims!

After watching the above video and reading the Clinton Chronicles transcript, I hope you have a better understanding for how far back the corruption goes and how people in our government protect criminals who should of been prosecuted and who has on occasion  said that “no individual should be too big to jail”, this is quoted from Hillary Clinton, a proven liar who is running for President of the United States.

With the recommendation by FBI’s James Comey of no indictment, this is very troubling.  I am glad they are going to take another look, and interview her while she is under oath.  When I found out she was not originally under oath during the first interview, I was livid.  That just proved to me that the FBI did not take this case very seriously.  If Mr. Comey cannot do his job correctly, and for that matter I speak about our Attorney General, Ms. Lynch also, they should resign, step down…let someone else who knows what they are doing take the reigns.  That was a complete outrage to me!  Especially when these people that are suppose to uphold laws and follow the book just want to fast-track through it.  The very next day…the case was closed by Obama and Lynch.

Because as Americans, we spoke our outrage, they have reopened the case.  Let’s hope this time they do a better job!  Also, lets not forget, the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation.  Larry Nichols has talked about laundering of money he discovered as far back as the Rose Law Firm.  It sure is to bad he did not come forward back then, maybe we wouldn’t have these Clinton’s trying to take over….

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed, if so please comment at the bottom.


8 thoughts on “Meet Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Hit Man

  1. It only took 17 days to complete the mission June 18 to July 5, 2016…

    1. Saudi’s have donated $25 million the the Clinton Foundation since it’s beginning in 2007

    2. Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims

    3. On June 18, 2016 Obama has private meeting with Saudi Prince Salman (no journalists present).

    4. On June 28, 2016 Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton in Phoenix to discuss grandchildren and golf… 🙂

    5. On July 1, 2016 Loretta Lynch announces she will accept the FBI’s recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton’s email.

    6. On July 2, 2016 Hillary Clinton is interviewed by the FBI, not under oath and not recorded for 3.5 hrs.

    7. On July 4, 2016 Hillary Clinton leaks that she is considering retaining Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.

    8. On July 5, 2016 James Comey makes an announcement that he will not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

    9. On July 5, 2016 President Obama travels to North Carolina accompanied by Hillary Clinton for campaign speeches.

    10. Mission Accomplished

    researched and compiled by Bob Nilsen

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  2. Oh Larry the Hitman was a jolly happy soul..
    Collecting money from the Clinton’s which they probably stole.

    Larry the Hitman is a fairy tale they say..
    But most people know if you cross his path it will end in a very bad way..Just like Hillary’s friend Vince and allegedly JFK Jr….

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