Day 2 of the GOP Convention

Talk about getting fired up!  Wow, what a night as we witnessed day 2 of the Republican National Convention.  The theme Tuesday was “Make America Work Again.”  A roll call from all states was performed.  Alaska asked for a recount since they suspected there was a miscount, resulting in 28 delegates for Trump.  In the end Renise Prebius said that under the Conventions Committees Rule 37B, the delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choice.  Results were Trump – 1,725 Cruz – 475 Kasich – 120 Rubio – 114 Carson – 7 Bush – 3 Paul – 2.  So, this ends any bound delegates.  Its over, and Donald J. Trump is our candidate for the Republican Party!  Mike Pence by acclamation will be his Vice President nominee.  There was no roll call performed for Vice President.

List of Speakers:

  1. Sharon Day Co-Chairman of RNC, she stated under Hillary jobs and military would suffer.  That Hillary plays the women’s card constantly, history with hypocrisy.  Stated she supports current policies of the unborn and supports women’s abuse, since she supports Sharia.  On closure she stated that we did need a woman President, one day, but not Hillary Clinton.  She stated America needs trust and truth from a President.  No question about it Donald Trump would be the best choice.  She went further to say Trump would fights the oppressive government of Hillary.  She ended with God Bless America.
  2. Dana White – President of the Mixed Martial Arts Organization Ultimate Fighting Championship – In 2001 he bought the UFC, he stated Mr. Trump recognized his potential and stood beside him, helping him to make a deal which enabled him to buy the UFC.  What he said Trumps strong points were was his instincts for the backbone of a great economy.  The ability to roll up his sleeves and get things done.  He noted that Trump is always there if he needs him.  Trump also helped him to sign a deal with Fox.  His true character is to be happy with someone elses success!
  3. Asa Hutchison – (R) Arkansas, Governor – In considering voting for President of the United States, he said, judgement matters more than experience.
  4. Andy Wist – Businessman, and Trustee of Teamsters 522.  He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has seen how the American Dream works to further yourself.
  5. Ron Johnson – (R) Senator of Wisconsin
  6. Chris Cox – 2A supporter – chief lobbyist for NRA legislative action
  7. Natalie Gulbis – professional golfer who plays on the U.S. based LPGA tour.  Note: She appeared in 2009, second season of Celebrity Apprentice.  Trump helped her start a Boys and Girls Club.  Trump told her to be fearless.  She stated he’s strong for his ability of generosity and fearlessness.
  8. Mitch McConnell – Senator Majority Leader – He stated he knows who is serving our country and that they are only in it for themselves.  Mitch was one who pledged that Donald Trump be the one to pick our next Supreme Court Justice instead of Obama.  Must have a President who cherishes the Constitution.
  9. Paul Ryan – U.S. Speaker of the House (WI) – impresses upon the convention that the party must have unity and stand behind its candidate.  He will support Trump in his candidacy.  He thanked the Cleveland Police Department.  Wants a clean break of 8 years of Obama Presidency.
  10. Kevin McCarthy – U.S. House Majority Leader
  11. Chris Christy – Governor of New Jersey – Will hold Hillary Clinton accountable, audience says “Lock Her Up”.  He presented several facts about Hillary’s job as Secretary of State, all failed and corrupt instances, each time the audience would say “Lock Her Up”.
  12. Tiffany Trump – Daughter of Donald Trump, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania – she said many endearing things about her Dad, stressed his very strong points, one of which were never give up, you can do anything you have a passion for.  She said her father was always in her life pushing for to strive to do her best.  (courtesy of YouTube) her speech is at the end.  Her speech was very moving, she has a lot of love for him.
  13. Kerry Woolard – General Manager of Trump Winery and Hotel
  14. Donald Trump, Jr. – Son of Donald Trump – His speech (courtesy of YouTube) at the end.  His speech really moved me, he is an excellent speaker.
  15. Shelley Moore Capito – (R) West Virginia, Senator – She reminded us of how Hillary wanted to end Coal Mining.  She knows her constituents need the coal mining for their economic existence.  The coal mining industry must remain.
  16. Dr. Ben Carson – Neurosurgeon – He informed us that Hillary Clinton did her thesis in College on Saul Alinsky, who wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals.”  On the introductory page of the book he said there was a page dedicating his book to Lucifer.
  17. Kimberline Brown – Actress


In the middle of the RNC Convention during a break, Donald Trump came on in a video and stressed that he wanted to bring back jobs, secure our borders, get rid of the threat of ISIS and restore law and order in this seemingly lawless country of ours.








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