3rd night at the GOP Convention

This night the theme was Make America First Again, and the line-up of speakers, was a mix of explosive and endearing.  This convention will go down in history because Ted Cruz did not “endorse” the Republican’s Party Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.  It is said that Mr. Trump knew what was in Mr. Cruz’s speech, but let him speak anyway.  Ted Cruz’s speech to me dragged on and on, sounded more like a campaign speech for himself instead of honoring our next President.  I was very disappointed in him.  During his speech the audience on several occasions were heard chanting “endorse Trump.”  He was booed off the stage, what did he expect?

Speakers:  Highlights I think hit home

Laura Ingram – Radio Host – She said she did not want to leave a country to her children that was worse off then what was left to her.  She stated that there was dignity in every job.  When as a child she saw the American Flag being burned, she asked her mother, why?  Her mother stated that those people were not brought up to respect their flag or country.  Laura went on to say that she sees that our country does not seem to have respect for the elderly who are left alone, babies that are in the womb, and our own police.  She also stated that politicians have no respect for the law, nor do they want to enforce the law.  To this she added we deserve better and can do better.  She talked about how we need Trump to turn the country around.  Knowing Trump understands this and feels our citizens should come first.  She stated as we all know, that Hillary has created the status-quo, another nation for the global order.  “No Hillary, you are the problem,” and with Trump the long awaited change would be welcomed and the status-quo would be over, done!  She addressed the press and Trump haters:  “All you boys with bruised feelings, and egos, honor your pledge to Donald Trump.”  The audience chants “honor your pledge”.  She stated that we are not the governments servants, or enemy, “you work for us”.  Again she called out to the press, “do your job!”  Donald Trump won because he exposed the corruption.  She received a standing ovation on this statement.  “Give the power back to the people, let’s elect Donald J. Trump.”  “God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.”

Phil Ruffin – Businessman – He stated he has been a friend and business partner to Trump for 40 years.  Stated that Donald’s word is his bond.  Stated that he is an innovator, entrepreneur who works 20 hours a day.  Said Trump can make deals that no one else sees and has put tens of thousands of people to work, making $40.00 – $50.00 per hour.  His many business endeavors includes places like Chicago, New York, Florida, Nevada.  He also stated he knows Mr. Trump pays his bills promptly and on time.  ” A tsunami is coming, and it is Donald J. Trump.”

Pam Bondi – Attorney General of Florida – She stated that on November 8, 2016, we the people will take back our government, roll back unconstitutional executive orders.  That Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices, to uphold laws and take out ISIS.  “God Bless America and the Trump Family.”

Colonel Eileen Collins – Astronaut, retired – We are a nation of explorers.  In 2011 our space plan ended.  Important item she noted that Nations on the frontier lead the world.  With a space program in place we are putting America First.  “God Bless America”

Michelle Van Etten – small business owner – Her father told her that any dream you have you can do to get the job done.  She opened an at home business which took off and she was able to retire her husband from his job.  Her husband stays at home, homeschooling their children so that they do not have to be lead by common core.  Right now she says over 50% millennials want an entrepreneurial job.  But, that they are overtaxed and over-regulated which is killing the American dream.

Ralph Alvarado – Kentucky State Senator – He was born of Immigration parents who loved their country and instilled in their son pride and love of this country.  They worked very hard and in the end result went to their children and grand children with a tradition of family values and protecting the dream.  To Hillary he this to say:  “You have failed Hispanics and do not deserve our vote.” “God Bless American, Make America First Again.”

Darrell Scott – Pastor – He says of Trump that his best days are in front of him not behind him because he wants to serve his country.  Regardless of race or religion, we are a great country.  He stated that Trump is a master negotiator and deal maker.  The Art of the Deal to unify, to get from no to yes and moving forward.  That this country can only be great with strong leadership and that is Donald J. Trump.  “he received a standing ovation” “God Bless Donald Trump and America”.

Harold Hamm – Continental Resources, American Entrepreneur

Governor Scott Walker – Governor of Wisconsin (R)

Lynne Patton – The Eric Trump Foundation – Has worked for Donald Trump for seven years.  Knows in her heart that Donald Trump is needed to heal a wounded nation.  These recent horrible attacks are attacks on Americans, not Black or LGBT, but all Americans, all lives matter.  She stated don’t just hope for change, vote for change with Donald Trump.  She also stated that all of Trumps kids are her heroes!

Ted Cruz – U.S. Senator, Texas (R) – He opened by congratulating Donald Trump on his nomination and then he started talking about slain Police Office Michael Smith and what Mr. Smith’s daughter Caroline said to her father right before he started his shift that day.  “What if I never see you again?”  Mr. Cruz said that Mr. Smith’s life was a testament to devotion of his country.  “To die of love for one’s country is to live by it.”  He stated this country is not suppose to have a King or Queen or Dictator, that freedom matters.  Freedom means free speech not politically correct free safe spaces and a right to bear arms to protect ones family.  Every human beings life is precious and must be protected.  We need Supreme Court Justices who follow the Constitution and that all states have a right to choose what is best for them.  Otherwise what is the point of having states to begin with.  Immigration laws should put Americans first, build that wall and keep us safe.  He noted that the Republican party was founded by Abraham Lincoln who invoked the Emancipation Proclamation.  He said to everyone “don’t stay home, get out and vote in November, vote your conscience.”  The audience chanting “endorse Trump”.  God Bless each and everyone and God Bless America

Eric Trump – Businessman and Philanthropist – Very endearing and moving speech, his speech is in entirety at the bottom of blog.  He remembers 13 months ago when his father told his family he could no longer watch the falling of our country, that he was going to run.  Trump was not happy with foreign nations taking precedence before our own.  He did not like seeing our 2A being constantly attacked.  Was tired of seeing Christmas, Pledge of Allegiance in our schools removed for politically correct reasons.

Newt and Callista Gingrich – former speaker of the house and his wife

Mike Pence – Indiana Governor – Donald Trump no longer has to fight alone, he now has backup to bring unity, he will be our 45 President of the USA.


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