Immigration in the USA and Abroad

Immigration is a very important issue for the November, 2016 election.  I for one am watching with concern about immigration in other countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Australia, England.  According to the BBC in 2015 the number of migrants filing for new asylum in Germany was more than 476,000.  They have a system called “Easy System” which counts the numbers arriving at more than one million, of which are mainly from Syria.  We have to remember that these figures do not count the ones who slip by undetected.  Most of these migrants do not have any documents.  They come from third world countries where documentation is not always kept.  One very good reason for not having documentation from  homelands would be giving birth to their babies inside homes, instead of hospitals.  Secondly, their birth certificates are not required and were never issued.  This is a problem when they migrate and cannot be vetted.  Their religions, age, birth date, parents…are taken as word.  According to UNICEF, globally from 2012 only sixty% of babies born in the third world are ever registered at birth.  So, this makes for a very  complexing problem for the hosting nation.

The cause of the mass immigration has many reasons, but the main reason leads me to believe when the United States invaded Iraq under President Bush’s administration, al-Qaida was allowed to grow after over throwing Suddam Hussein for the war on terror.  Bashar al-Assad’s suppression of secular Syrian protesters and the governments  discrimination policies against Sunnis might have had an effect.  The early withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq under President Obama and his weak leadership.  You can also look at the history of the region continually fighting for the secularization and modernization of the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century and their new caliphate.

Most of the migrants religion is Islam.  Very few of the migrants convert to Christianity upon living in their host country.  In Hamburg, Germany a Pastor named Albert Babajan has converted 196 Muslims in 2016.  But most of the migrants remain as devout Islamists.  The Islam religion and all other religions will never be able to be integrated.  That has always been the case for some 1400 years.  The Muslim religion was born on warring and continues the same way today.  Their religion is mixed in with their laws which are very barbaric.  How can you take this religion of Islam and mix it with a European countries laws without many problems? They are not willing to bend, their Sharia law is their law of the land.  Our leaders and European leaders, somehow never thought that far ahead when trying to mass immigrate.  Now, Europe has a very big problem since Muslims have always wanted their faith to be dominate.

There are many Imams on the internet who have talked on the subject of the caliphate.  They admit that they want domination over their host country.  That is their main focus, and they will do anything to accomplish this.  We see in Germany, Greece where they do not seem to have western culture, manners, treating women with respect. They will never understand and appreciate their new country.

There are five schools that have prayer rooms for their Muslim students, since they pray five times a day as required of their religion:  (as of 2015)

  1. Desert View High School of Tucson, Arizona
  2. All public schools in Dearborn, Michigan
  3. Parkdale Highschool in Riverdale, Maryland
  4. Carver Elementary School in San Diego, CA
  5. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – all public schools

There may be more schools who cater to the Muslim Children since 2015.

In Dearborn, Michigan the Muslim population makes up the largest ethnic grouping with Lebanese, Yemen, Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian groups being the most dominate.  About three years ago Dearborn was the first U.S. city to implement all aspects of Sharia law (vote 4-3).  When Jeremy Ahmed, a local resident was asked  why the need for such a law, he stated:  “It is because of our need that Allah the Almighty, in all his generosity, has created laws for us, so that we can utilize them to obtain justice.  We hope to see other cities taking this action in the face of the governments inaction of passing such legislation”.  Under Sharia they can cut off hands, behead, stone…

In small numbers the Muslim migrants may be able to integrate, by keeping Sharia law out of our court systems, or no go zones would be the only way.  It has been known for many years that if an american woman married a Muslim man she could be subject to Sharia if she moved back to his country of origin.  If she were to divorce him here in the United States, she would most likely find him fleeing the country with their children back to his country.  There are many private investigators  who are hired to go and find the children and try and bring them back to the USA.  A very costly and dangerous job for the investigator.  The fathers countries government most likely would not help you get your child/children back.

Here is a story written by Pamela Geller, it’s about what a mother had to go through to get her child back:

When immigrants of the past (before World War II) arrived in the United States, all would go through a medical examination.  Today, we have diseases that were wiped out many years ago with vaccines and antibiotics.  The Muslim immigrants are entering the United States and are required to go through medical exams.  But, still we have an explosion of  tuberculosis, aids, exotic STDs, flesh eating disease.  These diseases could be devastating because our antibiotics are not working as well, or not at all, due to being overprescribed.  I believe most of these diseases are coming through our open borders by the undocumented.

President Obama has been bringing in immigrants in the dead of night, on UPS planes, buses so he can complete his immigration plan.  Our Supreme Court has overturned his executive orders that would of shielded over five million undocumented immigrants from deportation and allowed them to legally work within the US.

Immigrants being smuggled in via UPS plane:  Bus loads, wow, I thought those were only cargo planes:

In closing, it is known if Hillary Clinton is elected she will beef up President Obama’s immigration policy by 550%.  With our economy as it is actually, not what the administration is telling you that it is.  Folks, we are still trying to recover from 2008, joblessness is at an all time high, look around you.  I do not believe one thing Obama is trying to shove down my throat, with his false numbers.  At this time we as a country can not take an influx of refugees/immigrants, we should be thinking about our young generation who can’t find jobs after graduating from college with huge student debt.  Americans should always come first.  If we can not vet these refugees/immigrants than they should not be allowed in.  There are other alternatives to their plight.  Maybe setting up some type of camps for them to come to in their own countries that are protected.  Electing a President who is serious about getting rid of ISIS, that would be a definite step towards helping them.

Hope you liked my post, if so like and leave me a comment, thank you, God Bless





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