Conspiracy Theories, Lets Just Set the Record Straight!

Lets start with the definition of conspiracy theory:  “A belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event”. – this comes from Oxford Dictionaries online

Conspiracy definition from  “An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act”.  2. “A group of conspirators”.  3. “Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action”.  4. “A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas”.

We have a couple of ways to get our news here in the United States, either by television or online.  As a free nation we reserve the right to who and where we get our news from.  Let us not forget that news also travels by word of mouth or by a whistleblower, or by alternative news.  If our government told us we could only receive news from a source that was approved by them, then would we really be getting the correct news, or all of the news?  In my opinion that limits us from being able to draw our own, good conclusions.  Anyone that is telling me that I have to listen to one type of news source is censoring content.  I feel we should have a right to facts.  You can’t just assume those are facts when the government is censoring.  Why would they censor content in the first place if not for some unknown nefarious reasons.

There are so many youtube videos that explain extreme weather changes.  When I see one that has a speaker who is an ex-FBI agent with an extreme knowledge from people he worked with or knew from Department of Navy, I know I am on to something worth listening to.  Also knowing that this is the first time I have heard any of this information about Nibiru.  Apparently the government feels the American people are not smart enough or strong enough to accept what they have known for years.  Below is the youtube video if interested:

The above is just an example of what our government does not want to tell us about.  I will not ever call it a conspiracy, because it is not, there are many facts here.  People who call it a conspiracy are hiding something, covering up something like they did with JFK assassination (the Warren Report).  Give me a break, that is all false, it is a conspiracy on their part.  See what I am leading to?  The news sights that are alternative that prove facts, show you facts are not in any way shape or form conspiracy theorists.  These sights are trying to open your eyes, getting you to think for yourself.

Today or yesterday it had come to my attention that Hillary Clinton, if she was elected would close down many alternative news sources.  Why?  Because during this election process we have proved and uncovered so many false narratives being pushed by the main stream media.  One good example is Hillary’s health which has been caught in pictures, her seizures, not being able to walk up stairs, a medical pen being carried by someone who is not a secret service person.  The main stream media never covered any of this.  This was all uncovered by alternative news sources.  Anyone in a crowd at a Hillary rally for instance that has a smartphone can photograph or better yet, videotape an episode that the main stream media would not let the public have knowledge of.

The internet is a wonderful tool for all of us and Barrack Obama is getting ready to hand it all over to China, Russia, Iran who will control and censor as they see fit.  Of course let us not forget the United Nations, they oversee everything since it fits in with their New World Order plan.

Next time someone tells you its a conspiracy theory, be very very wary!  Just because I would rather get my news from somewhere besides CNN, NBC, Fox does not make me a conspiracy theorist.  Maybe they are the conspiracy theorists since we have caught them in several untruths, like their poll numbers which we all know are not truth but skewed poll numbers.

There are several youtube videos that prove that the poll numbers are skewed.  Look it up for yourself.

The Democrat party, as far as I am concerned will stop at nothing to push Hillary Clinton into the White House to further their New World Agenda.  Maybe as far as pulling a last minute indictment, when it is to late to get a new democrat candidate.  Kaine could not step into her shoes, creating a constitutional crisis, perhaps Obama would install martial law, and then he would get that third term or fourth and so on….





One thought on “Conspiracy Theories, Lets Just Set the Record Straight!

  1. I believe as you do about Hillary and a whole lot of other things being done by politicians. Just a short time ago I would have said no, these are just made up blah, blah, blah. Since 2009, when the current resident acquired the White House so many things have been happening that are wrong. Hillary will be the next installment of islamic infiltration into our govt.

    Hillary promises to be the next term of BHO. Does that mean more ransom money to Iraq? More BLM folks trying to take out our police force leaving families without a parent/spouse? More promises that are not promises but lies used to deceive the American citizens into thinking they are getting needed services when all along it’s just another powergrab from the people to the govt.

    These DC elites and their pawns, the MSM, plus their foolish Democratic base will stop at nothing to get Hillary elected. The Globalists, NWO, open borders, deficit spending big govt ones who don’t care about you or me, they just want to control every aspect of our lives so they can live their high society powerful and wealthy lifestyle. In fact, they could care less about this nation if it wasn’t for their cushy do nothing jobs and lobbyist money that has very deep pockets and full of other perks.

    We have no choice this year to put on our big boy and girl shoes and go door to door or whatever it takes to assure that on Nov 9th, when we get up in the morning, we have elected Donald J Trump as oru next president.

    Trump/Pence 2016

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