Our FBI is in Virtual Chaos!

Our FBI is in Virtual Chaos!

Wow, when I heard this I wasn’t really shocked because I knew Wikileaks was going to come forward and release some more very damaging information about Hillary Clinton right before the election.  There are almost 1,000 FBI agents about to walk off the job and Mr. Comey, it looks like will be stepping down.  Whether Loretta Lynch will remain as head of Department of Justice, I just don’t know, time will tell, I guess.

The internet of late has been full of talk about all the corruption and unfair proceedings/no indictments towards Hillary Clinton.  There are so many facts to back up  Hillary’s use of a product called (BleachBit used to prevent recovery of deleted files) to clean the email servers.  She chose to delete this information after being subpoenaed for those servers.  That’s definitely tampering with evidence.  Once you mix your private emails with government emails, both of them become government property.  I am hoping, with my fingers, eyes crossed that this is true and she finally will be brought to justice for at least one corrupt thing, out of many she has done.  She has definitely perjured herself.

She has been caught in so many lies, actually I can’t keep count of all her lies.  We must not, can not let that woman lead this wonderful country of ours. Here is the latest information from an insider at the Federal Bureau of Investigation:  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=56041

If you would rather listen instead of reading the above, you can listen to Gary Larrabee who narrates on his youtube channel:



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