The 2016 Presidential Debate…

I am looking forward to the first day of the debates tomorrow, September 26, 2016.  Hillary Clinton has already asked for some special accommodations at the debate, both of which were turned down.  First, she wanted some type of step stool and second, she wanted to be able to take extra breaks.  My question is why would Hillary be so interested in how many breaks would be allowed?  I am sure there will be some breaks, how many I don’t know.  The first debate both candidates must stand the whole time for ninety minutes.  The second debate will be in a kind of town hall meeting.  Both candidates must stand when it is their turn to speak and then may sit when they are finished speaking.

It has been reported that a conservative leader told  “Gateway Pundit”* that Hillary might drop out of the first debate with Donald.

*”Hearing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.”

The first debate is to be hosted by Hofstra University  in Hempstead, New York.  The second debate is to be hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, MO, Sunday, October 9.  The third debate is to be hosted by University of Nevada in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 19.

The Detroit Free Press has come up with some fact checking information to help with questions that could be posed to the candidates:

I am sure Donald Trump will show how untrustworthy Hillary Clinton has shown time and again to Americans, as well as there will most likely be accusations thrown at each other, should be very interesting.  Both candidates will have 2 minutes to respond to questions given by the moderator, and each will be allowed to respond to each other.

It has been reported that Hillary has been rehearsing like crazy for these debates.  Donald has been watching past debates of Hillary (2012) so he knows what her strengths and weaknesses are.  Donald, in his primary debates has done quite well, as he doesn’t rehearse, just tells it like it is, and just wants to be himself.

Whether or not Donald will refer to Hillary as “crooked Hillary,” I just can not say, but he might.  What she will call him, only tomorrow night will tell.  This should be interesting, I for one can not wait!  I just hope we are getting the real Hillary and not one of her body doubles!




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