FBI is Investigating Roger Stone…Intimidation Tactics

So much is happening lately, then I find out that Roger Stone who is a writer, Trump Advocate is being investigated by the FBI.  Exactly what he is being investigated for has something to do with Russia.  Could it just be left wing intimidation from the liberals?  Could old Hillary Clinton have anything to do with it, where there is smoke there is fire.

When going back to something Donald Trump supposably said about Hillary’s emails:  He sarcastically made a comment that Russia could possibly find Hillary’s emails that had been deleted using bleach bit to remove from the hard drive, which I find hilarious and never took him serious on his comment.  But, right away naysayers jumped on a bandwagon to discredit Donald.  I know for a fact that this idea that Russia had the emails came from other sources way before Donald Trump made his sarcastic remark.  My gosh, the whole world probably has that woman’s emails!  The fact that Roger Stone communicated with Wikileaks and admitted to this during a speech, maybe this is the reason they are investigating him.  Now, the fact he talked with Julian Assange does not make him a spy or traitor since Assange himself is working for himself, no one else, certainly not Russia.

The only candidate that I see here that had anything to do with Russia in deal making of any kind was Hillary Clinton.  Wasn’t she the one who sold uranium to Russia?  Yes, she did and Wikileaks had proof during an email dump.  Right after the uranium deal (Uranium One) which was made in three separate transactions spanning years 2009-2013 according to the Seattle Times, the Clinton Foundation had a huge cash flow totaling 2.35 million which was never disclosed publicly.  Yup, the FBI needs to follow the money and leave Roger Stone alone.

So, I am going with the idea that this is just plain intimidation, thoroughly and utterly unjust baloney.  The only traitor I see here is the Democratic candidate, whats her name?  Well, you get the jest.  Hopefully she will be someone who rides off into the sunset to never be heard of again.  Maybe somewhere in Syria?

God Bless our United States of America, long may she prosper without corruption and lies.


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