Looks Like the 1st Presidential Debate was a Setup…From the Get Go

Well rehearsed Hillary Clinton cheated her way through the first Presidential Debate in Hofstra.  Make no mistake, in one video at the end of the debate you can see someone removing papers from her podium.  Add the fact that she was wearing some type of microphone on the front of her red jacket.  When she bent over at the end to shake hands with people, you could see the outline of wires, some type of blocked device under her jacket.  This isn’t the first time she has been caught wearing a device in her ear either. What the heck is going on?  If you can not win fair and square you don’t deserve any votes, nada!

If there is honestly nothing nefarious going on here why can’t her campaign manager explain to the public exactly what those wires are?  This is not the first time a presidential candidate has been found wearing some type of ear piece.  President Obama, during his debate was said to of worn one.  While he was responding to a question, he makes a mistake….looks like he didn’t quite hear what was being said to him through that ear piece.  https://youtu.be/iyreBT-iwFM

Below photos courtesty of shutking.blogspot.com – wires and ear piece

Funny that Salon.com each time a candidate is caught wearing an ear piece, they try and debunk it.  Well, debunk those wires Salon!  Just for you liberals, we all know Salon is a progressive/liberal website created by David Talbot.  This site has been called “NOT A REAL WEBSITE”  and affiliated with the Koch Brothers.   We know you will say anything to get Hillary Clinton, Dem. into office.  Snopes claims the ear piece on Hillary is false.  Snopes is suppose to be a fact checking website, oh really?  Not from what I have read.

As usual I write to get information out there, to help search if you will.  You make up your own mind.  But just as a reminder, Hillary Clinton’s integrity is questionable.  I have decided that it sure looks like something is out of skew here and worth questioning, worth answers from her campaign.  Her answers came as schooled/coached to me.  Donald Trump, I believe answered honestly and from his heart.

If you like the article, like below, leave me a comment, I like the interaction and hearing what other people think.

UPDATE:  We now find out she had a secret TelePrompTer set up on her podium at the debate:


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