Stop Internet Giveaway!

What makes America so unique and wonderful is our constitution which enables everyone to have free speech.  People who do not think we should be able to say what we like or don’t like are not practicing what America is….FREEDOM to say and preach your ideals.

In the 1960’s freedom of speech was practiced many times to protest the war in Vietnam.  Again practiced to gain women’s rights, traditional modes of authority and the American Civil Rights Movement, offering different interpretations of the AMERICAN DREAM.

Without free speech which now extends onto the world through the world wide web we would all be the same, lost is our uniqueness and our basic number one freedom to be able to understand and/or change views through communication.

We would be stifled by a government that preaches to us, and admonishes anything we say that goes against their grain in politics.  If the government wins the right to give away free speech on the internet that is just one step for them.  But it is a very major step, what other freedoms will fall after freedom  of speech?  Protesting – nonviolent of course, unless you are protesting something that the government deems as acceptable.  Do you understand what I am trying to say?  It’s kind of like dominos, once one thing starts to fall, there is no ending to what freedoms they can take away from you.  Once it is gone, it’s gone forever!  No going back.  Apparently the United Nations (UN) doesn’t believe we know what is good for our country or world anymore.

REMINDER:  Under the UN New World Order (NWO) 2030, humanity will be giving up land that the UN believes needs protecting from us, the people!  You will be herded into cities where you will live in a small area/apartment.  There will no longer be vehicles on our roads and highways that are not driverless.  You will be told where you can drive or walk. There will be areas of the USA that are no go zones for anyone only animals with forests.  This is where they are pushing the population control.

You may also consider going to the political media link to stop the internet takeover, a very important, urgent move!  There you can submit your name to stop this.  October 1, 2016 would be the day ICANN would take over our internet freedoms, so it is very urgent you act now!

OR CALL 202-224-3121

Thank you for your urgent action :0)

UPDATE Internet to be turned over to ICANN.  Click on ICANN link to see action that was taken via the networks manager.


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