My Take On Wikileaks Not Releasing Information

Let me first be clear that I do not think the public was trolled on the non-releasing of information we were waiting so enthusiastically to hear from Julian Assange.  He has always been forthright and truthful  in the coming of information he has leaked to the public to date.

He is a very intelligent man and I believe he does have a powerhouse of information on Hillary Clinton.  But, it may not just involve Hillary, yes, here we go down the rabbit hole.  We know that corruption and deceit runs high in the establishment, as we have seen this year with many examples of what Julian has already leaked to us.

For example:  If he had released the powerhouse of information to take down Hillary, it may have toppled our whole establishment which could be devastating to this 2016 election.  Possibly upon doing so could put the election on hold/or cancel it all together.  We don’t want that outcome!  Hillary has made dirty dealings in the past, like the Uranium Deal with Russia.  As unstable as the world is right now we do not need to upset other government entities, as they are watching our election very closely.

We all know who is truly ahead in this election, I for one know and trust that the American public sees through Hillary Clinton’s lies and knows without a shadow of doubt, she would not be good for the country.  When she made the statement about possible drone striking Assange, I am sure it would make anyone fearful for their life.  Ask yourself what would you do in a case like Julian’s?  He has a wife, children, parents who love and support him.  He has done a lot for us already and if he says he will do something, he will, when the time is right!

When I first heard him say that at 3:00 am it was not a time to release information, he has his reasons.  Do I think he made a deal with our establishment?  NO, after thinking long and hard, I don’t believe he did this as he is all about exposing dirty dealings.  For him to make a deal would go against everything he has done thus far.  Doesn’t make any sense to even suggest that this is what happened.

So, I will wait, knowing it will be forthcoming when Julian thinks it is the right time.


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