The Elitist’s of the NWO Want A CASHLESS SOCIETY

The Elitist’s of the NWO Want A CASHLESS SOCIETY

If Hillary Clinton is elected we will become a cashless society, there is no doubt about it.  What does a cashless society mean?  Simply put, there will only be debit/credit cards no ATM’s anymore.  Every transaction can be tracked and big brother is watching.  People are talking about the “mark of the beast,” we already have that without getting chipped.  It is already on most debit/credit cards, its called a EMV chip card.  This eliminates having to be chipped through your hand.  So, whether you want it or not, its already being implemented.  Extra information that they deem necessary, I am sure, could be added to your chip. This could come to fruition because the establishment is literally  pushing Hillary Clinton into the Presidential Office completing the transformation that President Obama has already started.  The EMV chip card is a way for big brother to keep track of all of our banking transactions, and possibly where we go.  They say it does not have the ability to track us because it does not have a GPS in the chip.  But, aren’t the elitist’s the one’s who said that the New World Order was a conspiracy theory?  So, who do we believe?  Just because they tell us something is fact!  You aren’t suppose to question it, remember!  I am sure they could get around the privacy issue by claiming that it is in the nation’s best interest for national security.

EMV Chip Card

This whole cashless idea makes me wonder what would happen if that “big bubble” they talk about bursts?  You wouldn’t have any cash saved up and they would have access to all of your money.  If the banks decided to go with negative interest rates which is designed to spur economical growth, you would not have an alternative way to keep your money without being caught up in the new system.  Another privilege that would be taken away from the good and honest people.

Some will argue that the cashless system would keep criminal drug dealers from carrying on as usual, or cash registers or bank vaults from being robbed.  But as long as there are hackers, there will always be ways to transfer money electronically to someone else’s account.  Would money laundering be evident in a cashless society?  Actually no, when mixing services such as bitcoin or darkcoin  dash which are all digital currencies being made through anonymous transactions in real time.  These are very hard for law enforcement officials to track.

The cashless idea is another way to control the most basic need of everyone, mostly the middle and lower classes, and nothing more.  It will not stop cyber crime or money laundering which makes up for the largest number of infractions being implemented each and every day on this nation of ours.  Check out how much money is laundered, it will blow your mind!  Keep in mind that there are no actual figures available because it is so hard to track.  I am sure it is way more than figures in this table, courtesy of  Of course you will notice in this table that each year it has been increasing.  This, I am convinced is what is happening to our economy, but, OH! LETS BLAME IT ON THE LITTLE SHEEPLES, the waitresses, babysitters and the like.  No, go after the drug dealers and the money launders, these are the major problems and lock them up.


I am all for less government, stringent rules to corral the corrupt elitist’s and immoral peoples trying to bring America to her knees.  Put the blame where it belongs, not the little people.  If you vote for Hillary, you will be hastening the demise of a culture and government that is suppose to be of the people, for the people, by the people.

If we go to war (World War 3) is it possible it could usher in, slowly at first a cashless society? Very interesting charts for reading from the IMF:





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