Confirmation that POW’s from Vietnam Were Left Behind

There has always been talk that we still had prisoners of war (POWs) in Vietnam.  The families that were told their loved one were missing in action (MIA), it seems now were lied to.

Today is Memorial Day, we celebrate those who served (our Veterans), and those who did not make in back home.  For me it is a very special holiday, I look forward to every year.  I have done a blog before mentioning how badly our vets have been treated, and hopefully with the election of Donald J. Trump, things will finally change for them.

I follow Mr. Trump’s campaign because I am voting for him.  Today May 29, 2016 he showed up to talk before thousands of bikers who participated in “Rolling Thunder” in Washington, D.C.  Before Mr. Trump arrived they had some wonderful speakers who all love Memorial Day, and wanted to commemorate this day to them.  Among the speakers their was a man named John LeBoutillier who is a former Republican member (New York) of the House, United States of America.  He stood up and told us that their are POWs still in Vietnam.  Senator John McCain as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton knew about this.  McCain was a big supporter in keeping it from the American families.  I sat there listening, mouth wide open, I could not believe what I was hearing.  But, yes he was confirming this.  Now, if Mr. Trump is elected, I know he would want to bring them home.  But, what home would they now have to come home too?  Their adult children would not know them, their spouses or mothers or fathers may have already passed on.  This is just horrible, mind boggling devastation all around.  If I sound angry, I am sorry, I am angry.

Apparently the Vietnamese government wanted 46 billion for the release of the POWs.  They released 600, of which John McCain was one of them.  The rest would be released upon receipt of the blackmail money.  I was appalled to hear of this, especially when they lied to the families, and all Americans.  Most of these POWs would most likely be in their 80’s now, or passed on.  I am so sick of our government lying and being caught lying.

I recently found a youtube video of John F Kennedy at a press conference asking the press to explain to the American people about the New World Order.  He stated that we had a right to know what the government was planning.  He was assassinated a short time after this press conference.  My parents have since passed on, so I have no one to ask if they had heard this from the press.  For generations we have been lied to, not only by the establishment, but by the one thing that John F Kennedy wanted to represent the American people – the Press.

The American people who are suppose to be a part of a Democracy deserve to have facts reported to us, not spinning the truth, just facts.  These medias are run by very powerful men with a lot of money.  Get the picture yet, we are being left behind again.  As a democracy, to me this is sickening.  Next time you pick up a newspaper, or listen to any of the news programs on TV.  Fact check everything.

John LeBoutillier admitting POWs were left behind:


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