What Did the Pope Just Say?

With all the talk of the New World Order (NWO), the statement that Pope Francis just made stating that “certain journalism equals terrorism.”  He just addressed Italian journalists on Thursday, September 22, 2016, making the above statement, adding that anything that starts rumor, gossip is terrorism.  In other words, it’s deemed a rumor, which could be considered terrorism, unless it comes straight from the person you are writing the article about.  This to me is further proof that he is linked to the United Nations and is complicit in furthering elimination of free speech.  Journalists tend to add a bias interpretation to their pieces, although they should not take a particular side, it happens all the time.

We have caught our leaders lying to the public.  One such example is when President Obama said he did not pay a ransom for prisoners in Iran.  It was reported by alternative media long before he finally admitted to lying about it.  It was proved by some of the witnesses that watched another plane arriving, they were told they were not leaving until that plane landed.  That second plane contained the money.  Do you think that the mainstream media would have reported about the ransom money?  If alternative media had never exposed this information, Americans would just believe what the main stream media reports.

The Main Stream Media will only report what the government wants them to report when it comes to anything political.  That is why they have a press room right inside the White House where they are continually briefed on news they want the public to know, suppressing what they do not want released.     Withholding news they do not want the public to know happens all the time.  If news gets out by (rumor) lets say from an employee who knows all the facts, then according to the Pope, it is a form of terrorism.  That is why we have whistle blowers, who I believe should have immunity.   When the whistle blower reports illegal findings, or facts that he/she feels the public should know they are doing the public a service.

What was on the mind of the Pope when he made this statement to the journalists in Italy?  Could it of been Hillary Clinton or President Obama?  We all know for a fact that when Obama is in other countries he continually berates Americans.  If Hillary isn’t elected it could mean an end to the NWO for America.  Is this so damaging to the Pope’s and other leaders agenda with the United Nations that he would make journalism a target for believed terrorism?

When the Pope talks about anything being reported that would cause someone to fear something, this he says is terrorism.  Well, I am very afraid and fear this NWO, losing our sovereignty, some of our basic rights as human beings.  It keeps me up at night worrying what kind of life will my children and grandchildren have in the future when I am not here.  When the tables are turned, does the Pope think that with recent events such as ISIS/ISIL being allowed to immigrate with the masses that we are not terrified?  This type of rhetoric that our leaders try to push on us is a form of terrorism to its citizens.

[VIDEO] of President Obama saying at the UN, America must give up some freedoms…

I know that I never was asked about giving up any freedoms!  Especially when it comes to ignoring our constitution.  This is one of the freedoms we will have to give up folks.

I believe the Pope is only thinking of himself, not of the World’s people.

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