Silent Coup, They Are Trying To Steal The 2016 Presidential Election Away From Pres-Elect Trump!

With Jill Stein’s recount of three states, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which is ongoing as of today, December 7, 2016.  There are some media sites claiming that recounts are completed, then we hear that recounts have been stopped and then started again.  It is getting very exhaustive to keep up with exactly what is happening.  One report stated that Hillary Clinton gained 22,000 votes in Pennsylvania which were overseas ballots and settled provisional ballot challenges.  That’s a red flag to me right there, none of the 22,000 were for Trump?  This makes no sense and reeks of fraud to me.  If they were going to cheat and make it look real they should of given at least 1,000 votes to Trump.

As of this writing I was just informed (9:20 PM, EST) that Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith lifted the order that had allowed the Michigan recount.  So, for now, I guess that is finished.  President-Elect Trump is the winner.  This is exactly what I mean as exhaustive, you just can’t keep up with the crazy legal mumbo jumbo happening of late.  Is all of this is on purpose to run out the clock since they must have recounts done in time for electors to vote on 12/19/2016?

There seems to be 15 electors who refuse to vote for Trump in states that he won.  37 electors are needed to be persuaded to vote against Trump to throw the election into the House of Representatives.  Hence, they would decide who our next President would be.  So much for a smooth transition as we could have a constitutional crisis.

It has also been reported that 2 Colorado electors have tried to overturn the voting requirement via a lawsuits, whereas Hillary Clinton won Colorado on 11/08.  The electors want to be set free to vote for another candidate to prevent Trump from becoming President.  These electors are part of an informal group from Colorado and Washington state lobbying Republican electors to select someone else besides Trump.  It has been reported that John Kasich was one such candidate.  Although, he does not want to participate in anything such as this.  He believes America should accept the outcome of the election.

There seem to be three phases that are straight out of the Democrats playbook to steal an election according to Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show.

  1. Illegals voting, dead people voting, etc.
  2. Bribe the electors
  3. Keep recounting and stuffing fake ballots

There are two other states that recounts may proceed.  Nevada wants a partial recount which was requested by Roque De La Fuente.  Clinton did win in this state.  In central Florida a motion was filed on Tuesday 12/6/2016 by three voters who say that the election was hampered with malfunctioning voting machines, hacking and other problems.  Note: Florida originally went to Trump.

All of the recounting stopping and starting is concerning as we are getting closer and closer to that important day when electors will vote.  It’s very important that they proceed if needed quickly or the electors cannot vote on 12/19/2016.  As of this writing, and by tomorrow morning I am sure there will be changes again in Jill Stein’s recount efforts.



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