Trump Has Won, But Will the Democrat Elites Stand Down?

First off I am so glad Donald J. Trump will be our 45th President of the United States.  But….I personally do not feel the democrat elites are going to give up when it comes to completing a tried coup.  Under President Barrack Obama, he has, as we all have seen, done a number on this country from our national debt, to over-running us with illegal refugees.  My opinion as to why he has let so many illegal refugees in this country is not because he feels sorry for them.  As he knows as well as we do, they cannot be vetted.  His reason are in my opinion not for the good, as I will try to explain and have referenced several good sources in this blog.

The only bullet we have dodged is not having a warmonger like former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton in our Presidential office.  We still have many concerns:  With the death of the Russian Ambassador of Turkey, President Valadimir Putin has stated he will find who was behind/who ordered the assassination.  What the main stream media is not telling us is that he has figured it is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) base located in Iraq as reported by Sorcha Faal (  Its a sad day when we as western subscribers have to get first hand news from sources that are not our own media.  I have followed this site for many years, she has not been wrong!  Many times President Putin has told us that our own government is not being honest and forthright with us when it comes to reporting the news.

Back to the assassination of the Russian Ambassador Audrey Karlov, I have looked at the still photos and noticed several discrepancies such as why the camera person is still filming when this is all unfolding, the gun was pointed in that direction.  The camera is not shaking at all, people that are leaving the room are not running.  Actually they look very calm.  There is no blood where the Russian Ambassador is laying, that is very strange.  Is this another false flag event?


Same day there is the event in Berlin, Germany where at a Christmas Market event a truck plowed through the crowd which  killed 12 people and injured 48 others.   I am not saying in anyway that these events did not happen, but are the events staged to bring forth more police states, possibly even here?  Or worse, marshal law?  Obama before he leaves office, I believe is possibly going to move us towards a World War III!  Now if Sorcha Faal is correct, and Russia knows for sure the CIA was involved, there will be retaliation.

Secondly America is being emptied of its combat troops per communication received by Paul Martin of  Many sources state that Obama is readying the USA for civil war ending with martial law.  According to the Guardian there have been hundreds of troops deployed to Afghanistan which started at the end of February, 2016 (battalion strength), consisting mostly of Army soldiers.  To date there are over 9,800 troop numbers of which Obama has promised to leave 5,500 troops in Afghanistan past the end of his presidency.  According to, more troops (by the thousands) are deploying to Europe in 2017.  Could this possibly be why we have so many illegal refugees here in the US, possibly waiting in the wings?

Paul Martin who was a guest on Dave Hodges, Common Sense Show warning:  “East coast source, don’t leave territory where you actually plan to stay in case of emergency.”  On-Star vehicles can be taken down via commanding controls of your vehicle same as cell phones can be taken down.  It doesn’t hurt to be aware and ready, just in case.

My goal here is to make people aware of what is really going on that our main stream media is not reporting to us.  Just be prepared, in case, since the elitists would never give up during the election, so it goes for after the election (electoral process).

I sometimes wonder myself if President Obama is actively fighting ISIS, or is he helping their efforts.  Wikileaks emails proved that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was actually selling arms to the enemy, as I am sure Barrack Obama was aware.


Sources for troop deployment:  The Guardian article:  US To Deploy Hundreds of Troops in Afghanistan to Thwart Taliban, article:  More USA Troops Deploying to Europe in 2017





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