USA Security Factions – Are They Fighting With Each Other?

On January 3, 2017 our CIA tried to infiltrate NSA’s secure sites in Lower Manhattan, New York in the early morning hours which resulted in a gun battle between the two factions.  It was reported that at least one was wounded in the shoulder.  Again, nothing reported by our main stream media.

My first question upon reading this article was – why does the USA need so many security organizations?  Shortly after 9/11/2001 Homeland Security was added to our growing list of security organizations.  I am assuming that these organizations are not privy to all information, or not shared with each other based on what happened on 1/3/2017.  Next question, what are they hiding from one another?

NSA has spied on Americans, this is unconstitutional, unless there is some critical information to warrant it.  According to “NSA reports to DOD, intelligence community. government agencies, private industry partners and U.S. allies.”  But, the most important thing that caught my eye is that “The NSA also delivers secret information to WAR PLANNERS and FIGHTERS.”

Knowing the above information, I am now thinking that reports of Barrack Obama wanting to start war with Russia, thus putting off our new Vice President Elect Trump taking office, could very well be true.

Because there are so many security organizations inside of the USA, coordinating battle plans/methods of procuring a desirable result are affected, sometimes delaying an action that should have been immediate.  Take the situation on the Pathankot Air Force Base (terror strike) investigation which some say could have been averted if the Air Force had acted on time.  The NSA level meeting happened some six hours after they were aware of the infiltration.  Between all of the security agencies being briefed and the time they all came together to act on the terrorists, valuable time had been wasted.

DHS actually gathers the same intelligence that our FBI already has.  As if we do not have enough personnel at DHS, they are asking for help from Silicon Valley in help defending the US from cyber attacks/threats.  By releasing a request for proposals and asking vendors to give their new ideas to secure the ever expanding list of appliances, devices connected to the internet and the critical systems they are connected to.  Over an approximately 5 year period they are willing to pay $20 million or more for these promising ideas.  Bottom line – we need less government! not more!

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