The Highfalutin Hollywood Elite

Well, I did not watch the GoldenGlobe Awards for one!  Everyone of those speakers including Meryl Streep are an embarrassment.  Least they have forgotten if it was not for their following of movie goers they would be zero, zilch, nada!  Basically they have ended their careers.  If they decide to strike, so be it, who cares?

Take Rosie O’Donnell for instance, she has a daughter that had run away from home.  Must of had a good reason for running away from home.  Rosie seems to have a very bad temper from what I have seen, since her involvement with the Trump haters.  How could anyone show so much hate in their face as she has.  Her reason for her daughter Chelsea running away was that “she had stopped taking medication for an undisclosed medical condition.”  But, then Rosie has the audacity to single out Donald and Melania Trump’s son Barron, where there is no need to have done so.  This shows the mental thought process she presents as a vindictive woman towards Trump.  It’s not really about politics with her, its about a long drawn out feud.  She has recognized that the elites have to much influence when she said “It’s absolutely pathetic.  There’s no middle class any more.  The rich people are totally in charge and corporations are having too much influence on the government.”  The aforementioned quote came from

I like to watch documentaries, anything that has a lot of history behind it, educational videos, so their striking will not affect me in the least.  I am sure I am not the only one who sees through Hollywoods smoke and mirrors.  People that climb to the top and attain power can always be toppled.  They seem to forget their power comes from the little people.  We as a whole have a lot more power together than the elites have.

I think that if America looks up to (idolizes) actors/actresses, we definitely have a problem.  Meryl Streep not only attacked Donald Trump at the awards ceremony, she attacked his supporters and world at large!  I know as a free country they as well as everyone in the United States has a right to freedom of speech.  But, when one group has an influence over our young people to push “listen to us, we are the powerful elite” type of rhetoric, then we have a problem.  Those same elites pushed us to where we have been for the last eight years, and even before with President Bush.  Obviously when our debt was climbing, the elite had nothing to say or else their influence would have tried to stop it and Obama.

One of the weirdest things that happened upon Donald Trump winning the election is that Canada’s Immigration Website crashed from to much traffic.  To bad that Canada would not take these idiotic morons.  When the elites are confronted with why they don’t want a Trump Presidency, they have not one answer that is political.  They keep referring to racist, sexist, misogynistic and xenophobic.  Are these political reasons?  NO! Just parroting from the idiotic morons on the left that want a New World Order run by the United Nations!

Face it, we “the American Sheeple” almost lost everything America stood for, freedom, the American dream, American’s First, a future for our children, grand children…Let that be a reminder in future elections, never will we forget what we almost lost.




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