Is It Really News or Opinion?

Since the election of President Elect Trump, America is still a battleground.  No matter what (news site) I listen to they don’t just report the news, they continue to bash, whether left or right.  Is this real news or fake news or opinions and discourgement?  The news sites that use news for propaganda are hard to spot.  But finding out our own government has used news (spinning) a story is darn right wrong!  I do not believe that news like CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC should have important news, and told how to report it to the American people.  We should have all the FACTS so that we can make our own conclusions, just like President John F. Kennedy wanted in his address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

There is a difference between blogging, and news.  If you want to give your opinions then get off national news and take up blogging.  How in the world is America going to heal if we continually bash each other on TV.  The encouragement from the top is disgusting and should be stopped.  The Hollywood actors/actresses that think they are do it yourself politicians should just stick to doing what they do best and stay out of political limelight.  Rosie O’Donnell is a very good example of dividing our country.  I am totally boycotting any and all actors/actresses that have bashed our soon to be President.  When a President is elected by voting laws that were put into effect by our founding fathers, it’s time to get on the same page and give him a chance.  Calls for impeachment even before he has served is just wrong.  When Barrack Obama became President, even though I never voted for him, I didn’t bash him.  I waited to see how he would/could lead.

As far as Wikileaks, they are a site that reports whistleblowers findings which are leaked FACTS not opinions.  Leaks that have an impact on wrongdoing by our or other governments is important.  They in no way hack sites themselves, the information comes strictly from whistleblowers.  I for one am glad they posted Hillary Clinton’s DNC emails.  It showed, point blank, what exactly they were capable of to win the election.  When Wikileaks exposed the darn right wrongdoings of bringing down Bernie Sanders through stealing votes and Donald Trump through outright thuggery, I was appalled.  Was anyone held accountable for this wrongdoing?  NO!  Was our President Obama in compliance with this kind of election thuggery, such as Black Lives Matter?  I guess so, he didn’t stop it, he encouraged it.  All for the New World Order!  Anything goes!


From affecting how our news is given to us, and why it is so biased as to lean far left, this was done to garner support for Hillary Clinton and the NWO.  Getting off the subject a little bit, but this really does bother me – Since when in any time has a sitting President campaigned continually for a candidate?  That should never have been allowed.  Endorsing a candidate is one thing, campaigning when he should of been running the country is another.  This type of conduct definitely showed desperation on a high level.

There are some lawyers that defend the constitution, uphold it, and then there are others like President Obama and Hillary Clinton that find ways (loopholes) to legally get around laws that were put into place to protect a democracy.  Picking apart the USA Constitution and the 2nd amendment is a good example of what I mean by getting around laws already put into place to protect Americans, whether you like it or not.  The abuse of executive orders/presidential memorandum, whatever you want to call it was out and out abusive.

Lets face it, Obama’s presidency was built around changing gun laws in the USA.  I believe he was worried about a rebellion of some sort once the New World Order went into affect if/when Hillary Clinton became President.  How much of the national debt is money that went to attorneys that Obama used to question/change or take away our existing gun laws?  In questioning what exactly comprises our national debt, a part of our constitution states:  under definition of national debt – “…including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in SUPPRESSING INSURRECTION or REBELLION.” Even under the United Nations, they wanted certain restrictions on guns in America, leaving us vulnerable.

Remember, under the Obama administration when it was ordered that under social security, any veteran who had a mental disorder, he/she would not be able to purchase/own a firearm.  Many of our veterans have PTSD, which under Obama’s definition of mentally unstable would keep them from buying or owning a firearm.  Most veterans would take the side of the American people in the event of a rebellion/revolution and Obama knew this.  He was desperate!

This brings to my mind Department of Homeland Security (DHS).   Was this department formed to keep terrorists out of the USA, or is it actually used to spy on Americans?  Edward Snowden warned us about DHS.  The government continued to grow and hire more employees under DHS, including the private contractors, of which there are many, working for the federal government, eventually surpassing the number of non-government employees.  Under the Obama administration, for the first time our middle class was downsizing, becoming less and less, resulting in less taxes to hold up that ever growing government of ours.  Again, looks desperate to me, not trusting of Americans.  It wasn’t Americans who brought down the Twin Towers in New York!  Or, were they already planning how many Muslim refugees would be coming to the USA?  Knowing they could not be vetted, knowing some would be terrorists?

We are living in very changing times, but it is wonderful to be alive to see our country changing hopefully for the good.  I hope we all as Americans can pull together as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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