Oh, That Net Neutrality Thing? – It’s Not What I Was Lead To Believe

Opinion mixed with fact:

I remember getting a questionnaire in my email from Obama’s administration on whether or not I agreed on Net Neutrality.  Everything I could find to read on the subject was right there on line.  So, yeah, I agreed the internet should be kept free.  Was that the biggest rip off ever, colossal mistake!  What they didn’t tell me is that they would add taxes, treating it as some type of utility like the water/electric companies.  Another big item is the censorship that would be implemented, the ability for the FCC to regulate Internet and Web companies.  Title II regulations were created to police the internet, not keep it free.  Many of the regulations would ban/block  any internet access provider or user from accessing/creating information that they believe to not be politically correct.  In this way shaping and forming politics and culture.

Basically the Obama administration wants something to pass, well, just hide it in there among something disguised as being good for the people!  Or better yet, we will make the bill 8,000 pages long, you think they will ever find what we really want in the bill? I mean really? This is just out and out misleading/underhanded shenanigans.  Because, face it, if they told everyone exactly what was in it, it would never have passed.

Now, under President Trump and his appointment of Mr. Ajit Pai as the new FCC’s chairman.  Hopefully we can undo what the Obama administration underhandedly passed, call the Net Neutrality.

I was reading an interesting article in voat.co written by Scott Adams.  He was discussing the correlation between Twitter and Facebook, these companies famous of late for censoring their users.  Scott has a girlfriend (@KristinaBasham), on Instagram who has over 2.7 million followers.  She had a blue verification badge up until inauguration day.  Was Instagram politically motivated to pull her badge?  They were never able to find out or fix the situation since they could not contact Instagram directly.  Scott also feels that Twitter is shadowbanning him, which could be very true.  His article is an interesting read, here.

Bottom line for me, if I had known the truth of what Net Neutrality truly was, I would of told the Obama administration that I was opposed to it.  Hurry up Trump, undo this one too!!!



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