Liberals Aren’t Liberals Anymore, What Are They?

Ex-CIA John Brennan was an Islamist sympathizer, make no mistake about that.  President Trump said he would “drain the swamp,” and that is exactly what he is doing.  Ex-President Obama had many Islamist’s appointed to government positions.  Never before in US history have Islamist’s had such influence over our laws.  In June 2012, 5 republican lawmakers sent letters to the Inspector General of DHS, warning them of policies and activities that they felt warranted an investigation as a result of the “Muslim brotherhood” influence.  To me this is upsetting for the fact that the Islam faith is not only about religion, but state laws are incorporated into the religion by way of the Koran. This clearly shows that Obama was bringing with him a very big change for the USA.  One which did not incorporate our constitution and way of life or values.

Why can’t the liberals see this?  Actually, the liberals can see this, it is the people on the right who don’t get the fact that liberals want globalism, one world government, one world currency, one world religion, or no religion.  First they realized to bring this about they must bring down the constitution, destabilize/weaken our military and police, get rid of religion, values, morals and in doing so, then they could make that change to the New World Order.  This all ties into the Bible, if you are religious you would see the correlation…mark of the beast…etc.  The Obama administration, during the last year of his presidency was on a whirlwind cycle, opening borders, bringing in  refugees, who had become refugees due to Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s thirst for overthrowing, destabilizing Muslim countries.  This was a plan, nothing else but a plan to bring ISIS into the USA to further conquer and bring the changes of the NWO.

They knew they could not accomplish a NWO as long as American citizens had firearms.  So, false flags were created, causing enough people to say we shouldn’t have guns.  And finally to make the masses submit by finally taking their firearms.  This wasn’t about gun control, it was about gun confiscation.  If Obama failed, in would come Hillary Clinton to finalize the deal.  We as conservative right wing believers know exactly what they were planning and we did dodge that bullet.  So, the next time it crosses your mind to say that the Democrats/Liberals just don’t understand what was at stake!  Believe me they did and do understand.  That is why you had the riots at Berkeley, they are trying and will keep on trying to bring on a civil war.  That is their last hope, their only hope.  Thank God most of us realize this and are not going to act on it.

History always in some way repeats itself.  There are good and bad lessons to learn.  As I am sure most of you know that Arabs (Muslims) were used in history before, but this time by the Vatican. When Mohammad, the messiah for the Arabs (Messenger of Allah) became the leader of Islam, he had been groomed by the Vatican to unite all non-Catholic Arabs behind him, creating a very strong army that could capture Jerusalem from the Jews for the Pope.  After pushing the Jews out of their Holly Land the Muslims still wanted to conquer more land, even as far as Europe, North Africa. The Pope had created a monster.  It was then that the Pope realized he had to gain control back by raising up his armies and calling them “the Crusades.”

It is only the people of the United States that woke up, and recognized what they were planning, and having evidence of the former administration’s treason, these Patriots truly have Americas best interest at heart.

Today I heard that President Trump has told Jason Chaffetz  to investigate anything he wanted to, because he does the oversight.  This is a good message!  VIDEO


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