Muslim Extremist Executes a Denver Police Officer

The whole time President Trump has been trying to get a Travel Ban through to protect American citizens the media has been screaming “it’s a Muslim ban.” No, it’s not and this incident proves it.  I am sure the main stream media knows about this incident because, it wasn’t about a Muslim, it was about his (extreme radical beliefs), thus they never reported about it.  This is exactly what Trump is trying to prevent.  The main stream media would like everyone to believe it is all about Muslims, thus creating confusion and not portraying the facts that are and have been evident for some time.

In the article it mentions that “Trump and his detractors have stollen the spotlight continuously.”  I do not know why they would mention our President, that bothers me.  He has proceeded with a Travel Ban as expeditiously as he possibly could have.  It seems that DHS knew about this man Joshua Cummings for some time, and did nothing to stop him.  They knew by a letter written to DHS from a mosque he had recently attended that he was acting radicalized. He stated he didn’t have his ID on him, that it had been stolen.  Big red flag there!  

Here is the article from the  Here

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