Well, Finally the Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Is Breaking 2/5/2017

This happened during the Super Bowl 2/5/2017

Names are being released, many politicians among names.  There are a total of 72 people to be arrested. Kids are being sex trafficked at big events like our Super Bowl. Washington, D.C. Is a cesspool!  Click on link above for more information.  Hillary Clinton is aware of this breaking news and has tried to board a plane and leave the country.  She was stopped.

Glenn Beck tweeted “special OP going down” this coincides with Hillary being taken off plane, timewise anyway.

UPDATE at 3:00 PM EST, 2/7/2017, report was filed to DOJ, awaiting Jeff Sessions official appointment, then arrests will follow.  No wonder the Democrats are fighting the appointment.

The below information was posted from DOJ FBI Insider:

UPDATE:  Arrests to be made tonight 2/12/2017, or early morning on 2/13/2017, per David Seaman

Important threads to read about Hillary trying to board a plane after she found out what is about to come down “Pizzagate.” Here

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