Hillary Clinton Running AGAIN In 2020

I read in a Politico article this morning, Sunday, 2/12/2017 that Hillary will run again in 2020.  As if the slap down of this Presidential Election was not enough.  Has she completely lost her mind?  Who wants a President with a clear criminal background?

With 57% of the American public supporting President Trump’s Travel Ban, that shows me he has a very positive outlook in the right direction for our country.  Most Americans realized this direction was what was needed to save sovereignty and Make America Great Again.  With that said, and knowing criminals like Hillary never quit, but eventually will fall.  

She is still under several investigations, and the main stream media never mentions those facts.  They would like to believe that she didn’t do anything wrong.  I would guarantee that if she had won by her illegal voters, stuffing of ballot boxes, people voting several times for her and other illegal means, this country would be headed down the tubes and at war already.  Make no mistake the Clinton’s don’t have the United States in their best interests as shown by her foreign policies, open borders…and her so called transparency, “laughing” yeah right, what transparency?

If the DNC thinks of putting her at the forefront they have another thing coming.  She may still be prosecuted under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  By the time the election rolls around California may not even be part of the USA anymore!  So, where is her largest voting base going to come from?  Her health is so bad, she may not live another four years.

After her disastrous loss, most politicians just skulk away, the smart ones anyway.  But criminals are usually so brazen, they keep putting themselves out there.  This action of hers proves to me without a doubt she is guilty because criminals don’t have any remorse.  Any PAC’s that would support her financially would be trying again to invoke the New World Order.  Well, over our dead bodies!  

When someone makes a mistake (saying it lightly) and gets caught, they usually won’t commit the same wrong again.  Only the insane keep repeating the past.

It has been rumored that she may start her own TV show to up her ratings.  She couldn’t say what comes to her mind, honestly when she was campaigning without her TelePrompTer.  So, how in the world is she going to lead with her guests on a TV talk show?  She just does not have that much favorability to have a talk show.  

Suffolk University/USA Today poll suggests that 66% of the 1,000 respondents wanted someone new to run.   Only 23% of the respondents would be happy to see her run in 2020.

My take on this Hillary in 2020:  She most likely will flee the country when Jeff Sessions goes after her and we won’t have to see or hear from/about her forever, looking forward!

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