Obama, Will He Be Taken Down?🤔

Looks like Barrack Hussein will fall one way or another.  From one front he still has an ongoing investigation that was started by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, stating that Obama’s birth certificate was indeed proved to be fake.  Layers upon layers were discovered to make the certificate. Very bad application was used to make it.

On the other front, just surfacing is a group backed by Obama called Organizing for Action (OFA).  This leftist group is not only organizing a grass roots campaign to fight for causes similar to what brought about Obama’s rising to President, but is actually planning to “overthrow the new government.”  

Upon leaving office Obama signed an executive order to remove USA District Attorney Dana Boente, changing succession within US Department of Justice.  He was the second most powerful, only answering to the Attorney General of the USA.  He is on record as saying “No one is above the law.  Not a high public official, not even the highest public official of the state.”  But, President Trump on February 9, 2017 reversed Obama’s Executive Order, reinstating Boente as the successor to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Why Boente was so feared by Obama was his criminal conspiracy investigation on the leftist group OFA.  Now with Boente back on top the investigation is continuing.

Obama has an “army of agitators” with over 250 offices all across the USA.  It is estimated that this army is 30,000 strong and growing.  A Berkeley California group known as “BAMN, By Any Means Necessary” which the state of  Michigan Law Enforcement Officers have labeled a potential terrorist group. It is thought through an investigation by FBI that Obama’s OFA may have partnered with BAMN.  They came to Berkeley in full military style to stop Milo Yiannopolus’s speech, causing $100,000 in damages.  Yvette Felecara, their leader, said ” she had no regrets, the far left has remained to timid for far to long.” Through the FBI investigation of the Berkeley Mayor giving “stand down orders” it was found that OFA had in fact partnered with BAMN. 

Obama has also partnered with “Knights of Socialism” which teach kids to chant “kill Trump” while bashing effigies of Trump with baseball bats.  This has just gone to far, and we have laws against trying to promote violence in an attempt to overthrow our government.  With this new evidence Boente is advocating a grand jury be impaneled to bring charges against Obama for treason.  Under 18 U.S. Code 2385 Advocating Overthrow of US Government.

It is worrisome that If the charge of treason comes to fruition, it could cause a civil unrest or war.  And most likely a declaration of Martial Law.  In my opinion I don’t want Martial Law declared, but if there is no other way to hold this traitor responsible, then Martial Law under President Trump would be the best to help stop the tearing down of our country.

Report Used: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2236.htm

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