President Trump Has Ties With Russia?

Just because our President may have financial ties with Russia does not deem him as an enemy to the USA.  Nor does it concretely prove that he would be subject to some type of blackmail by Russia.  Everybody needs to calm down.  I think our country needs to work with strengthening our relationship with Russia.  President Trump undeniably loves his country and countrymen.  He would never jeopardize our nation in a way to compromise its national security.

When talking about Trump’s ties to the Russians, people on the left as well as the main stream media bring up the fact that many Russian Journalists have been killed under suspicious circumstances.  What does that have to do with Trump?But, I might add no proof whatsoever evident in those killings linked back to President Putin.  US journalists when reporting don’t mention how many were killed as a result of war.  Two were killed in Ukraine in 2014 due to a mortar attack.  But that is neither here nor there, Russia is a different animal and I am sure their journalists know the risks they are taking when speaking out against the government.  They simply don’t have the press freedom we do.  The most famous was the death of Anna Politkovskaya.

Whether or not we like the running of Russia doesn’t matter, the important thing is they are a powerful nation with a very strong military and arsenal.  By Obama sanctioning them because he believed they hacked our election which has been proven untrue, they didn’t hack our election.  The fact he sanctioned them over its incursion into Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, is not the real reason he sanctioned them.  Obama said the reason he sanctioned (basically financial warfare) them in his own words was “America must play in advocating and enforcing basic rights around the world.”  This comes out of the leftists theory of One World Order, which Russia wants no part of.  They have a right to how they run their country no matter what other countries feel.

NOTE: Crimea had always been a part of Russia since the 18th century.  On top of that they had an election whereby 80%+ turned out to vote and of those 95% voted to secede.

President Trump has not been the only one to be questioned about his ties with Russia.  President Clinton was said to have ties with Russia when he went there on a student tour, they claimed he met with KGB officers, Bush implied that something sinister had been arranged and a brainwashed Clinton then became Governor of Arkansas.  Now this I might believe since Hillary Clinton wanted to run our government similar to communism.  Bottom line, Bill Clinton became President and no one said a thing, it was dropped like a hot potatoe.  Clinton’s ties leads me to believe that they were more believable than just having financial ties.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Russia owns 20% of US uranium production capacity.  This was a deal made by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton😲, yeah! Let’s not forget that!  So why in the world would the main stream media and leftists be so worried about President Trump’s financial ties?  Just asking!

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