CLOSED BECAUSE: “A Day Without Immigrants” What They Just Don’t Get!

February 16, 2017 commentary/opinion

Many Mexican restraunts across the USA closed today declaring it a day without immigrants in the US.  Supporters advocating that immigrants help the economy.  I can’t argue that point, since many do start their own businesses.  But if you look at the nail salons, do you see any white Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, etc… working there?  No, that’s because they all stay in their own little clusters.  That’s not exactly helping all American’s to obtain jobs.  Guess you could call it racist.

They called it a movement, but as far as I can see, it wasn’t a very large gathering of people, about 500 in Washington, D.C. and they likened it to the Women’s March, nope I don’t think it had that many supporters.

Main problem is that immigration is not the problem, if it’s done legally, and properly.  Most Americans see nothing wrong with it.  So, those who marched today,  if you did not come here legally, guess what?  Your not an immigrant, you are an illegal alien.  To be considered a refugee you have to be fleeing for your life basically, and you go through the proper channels to become legal, an immigrant sees possibly better opportunities in the USA, nothing wrong with that, just do it like I did, legally, properly.  Those who were marching who are actual immigrants, why were you marching?  AMERICA ALLOWS AND WELCOMES IMMIGRANTS.  So, maybe it should of been called “a day without illegal refugees,” because it made no sense.  Those who skipped school or work to protest, bet the day meant nothing to them except a day off.  If you came to the USA legally, properly then you have nothing to worry about.  You will not be deported.Protesting what raids that ICE carried out is ridiculous, they are only doing their jobs.  So, if your here illegally, go home and come to the USA holding your head up, proud to try and become an American instead of sneaking in.

Those of you who liken our great country to a police state, just look at Mexico, now that’s a police state! Any illegal aliens who enter Mexico are treated very badly.

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