Sandusky’s Sons Arrest Connected To D.C. Politicians?

Jeffrey Sandusky who is the adopted son of Jerry Sandusky who is now serving 30-60 years for abuse of children.  Jeffrey was arrested on February 13, 2017, and most likely will lead to further arrests if investigators can get him to talk.  Maybe plea deals are being discussed, since we haven’t heard anything further.  Possible politicians whose names might be given. People think that just because mass arrests of politicians didn’t happen quickly, as we were hoping, doesn’t mean police do not know what’s happening, they do!  So many will be implicated, maybe to many to bring to justice right away.  We need to stay on top of this, and continue to push for arrests.

I believe Jerry Sandusky knows more than he is willing to tell investigators, then or now. Why do I say this?  Because in 1999 he was investigated for sexual abuse of a minor.  The case was opened by police and turned over to Centre County District Attorney, Ray Gricar who refused to press any charges despite the fact the mother had text messages and voice recordings.  Why?  In 2005 the case had to be opened again, as more victims surfaced.  Soon afterwards the District Attorney went missing!  His laptop was found in a creek, and information could never be recovered off of it.  He was declared dead in 2011, shortly after the Sandusky scandal surfaced.  


The Second Mile Foundation was founded by Jerry Sandusky in 1977 for troubled boys with absent or dysfunctional families.  There was a victim who was housed there and in 2002 he was anally raped in the Penn State locker room.  Why did Penn State protect him by telling him not to bring his victims to Penn State property instead of turning him in right away?  Definitely shows collusion!  

The Second Mile Foundation was recognized as 1000 Points of Light by then President Bush who gave glowing tribute to the Foundation.  Little did they know?  READ MORE HERE and here [VIDEO].  NOTE: Hillary Clinton’s father and brother were both on Penn States football team, at differing times of course.  Coincidentally the Clinton’s went to Penn State many times over the years.  Jerry Sandusky was investigated for sharing his victims, coincidence?  Guess the police didn’t get the information that they needed to proceed with further arrests.  Or did they?

I think the arrests will happen, a few at a time. Troubling as it may be, that still doesn’t excuse the D.C. Police Department or FBI for not following up on what is known about the elite pedophile rings, as evidenced in John Podestas’s emails. If the police don’t investigate and prosecute, then more and more children will follow into the pedophile rings.

I think that they should pay Jerry Sandusky a visit at Greene State Prison in southern Pennsylvania and question him some more.  I have read where Jerry Sandusky is not happy having to spend 23 hours a day in his cell.  Maybe they could work something out better for him if he would just name names.  I think he is the key to taking down at least one of the elites #Pizzagate pedophile rings.

Our main stream media is not covering much of #Pizzagate.  The only reporter who tried to cover it was Ben Swann, an American Journalist who now is either in hiding, or what? We just don’t know.  All of his social media accounts have been deleted.  But there were mass arrests in other parts of the world that were covered by their news organizations.  They are Canada and NorwayAustralia California had some arrests which were under human trafficking investigation.  Some 20 children have been recovered.  So, for people to say no arrests are happening, they are wrong.  As it is well known victims of human trafficking are moved from state to state.

In October, 2016 a very big sting for trafficking /bondage went down, not widely reported either.  Women were brought to the USA from Thailand.  Just think about it, who is at the top ordering these operations?  It isn’t just some regular John Doe, it’s someone with a lot of money.  They seem to be able to arrest the little gophers who carry this out, but the top never gets ratted out, but this time they caught him.  He’s from Belgium, it was an international sex trafficking ring.  The ages of these women I am not sure of.  Article here

Whether John Podesta is linked to the D.C. pedophilia rings or if he is the top dog, who knows, but we know that some of the elites have some horrible connections to satanic cults which abuse vulnerable children.  Those emails from Wikileaks were damaging.  If the people can just look the other way, we will not be able to get to the bottom of this sick, hideous ring.  Looking the other way as far as I am concerned implicates themselves.  

Huge bust just went down in Florida 2/15/2017 among one of the perpetrators is House of Representatives, a doctor….Link Here

An Ohio adoption agency was just busted for child trafficking, well it’s happening folks, and the liberals said that pizza gate didn’t exist, yeah right, they will get those in D.C. too….Link Here

Victim of Jerry Sandusky speaks out about life after being horribly abused:  Here 

UPDATE: 4/8/2017 another D.C. Police Officer arrested for pedophilia:

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